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I have a folder on my desktop named Inspiration. Any image on the internets I come across that I find remotely inspiring go here. I have lots of ideas for makeup looks and shoots and they are all stemming from these images.  Sometimes I get so caught up in my current work that I lose the fun… Well it’s back! Currently looking for models and trying to hash out the details to make these things in my head come to life! Just wanted to share some things I find amusing and give anyone interested a glimpse at the inside of my head. It’s Spring! Get warmer already so I can go outside and play with Inspiration!




Makeup, Mermaids, and Unicorn

Now, I love MAC. But there is something about Lime Crime Makeup that I can’t get enough of. The imaginaton and fun and girlieness behind all of it makes my inner monster princess want out! The logo is a Unicorn, the creator calls herself the Unicorn Queen (she has this super cute blog too), it’s pure magic.

I met the Unicorn Queen at the IMATS last year. The Lime Crime booth looked like a purple candy shop compared to all the others. She even signed a cool poster for me. It’s motivating to see it still! She created her own makeup line like, “Hey! I’m doing it my way. FTW!”

She liked my lipstick that day (D’Lilac). I don’t know why I’m posting this pic, I look scary.

To the point! Lime Crime is coming out with a mermaid inspired collection July 5th and miss Traci Hines (don’t even get me started on her, she does it ALL) is the model/mermaid!! When I saw this pic today, I was so excited and jealous at the same time. In another life, I was a mermaid. DANG!


P.S. and she’s on the moon!!