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Color and Texture

Paint Strokes: Makeup Forever Flash Palette

Highlight: Makeup Forever Star Powder 940

Gold Glitter: Star Crushed Minerals Gold Spice and Golden Rule

Lashes: Top- Star Crushed Minerals Cythera and Elevation Euphoria 02, Bottom- Star Crushed Minerals Venus

Gold chord, chunky glitter, and mini sequins were all Michael’s finds, I’m sure most craft stores would have comparable items šŸ˜‰

Model: Kelly

Hair: Laura Buenrostro

Makeup: Brittany Moody

Hair Accessories: Hair Comes The Bride Ruby and Brittany

Photo: Arif Pierce

View More: http://arifpierce.pass.us/hairView More: http://arifpierce.pass.us/hairView More: http://arifpierce.pass.us/hair



Robert Alvarado- Music to My Ears

Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 10.20.50 PM

Once upon a time, in 2006, I found Model Mayhem. I discovered alternative models and some really cool imagery. I became obsessed with certain photos, the way the makeup, hair, and wardrobe worked together, creating emotions and engraving images into my head. I wanted to create images of my own to make people feel certain things, as I’m sure so many of us do. I thought I could be a model but that flame died quickly, it could have died a lot sooner actually. But anyway! I found Robert Alvarado‘s images particularly striking. I love retro, rockabilly, vintage, pinup-y type things so I was gaga for Alvarado. I became fascinated with all the models he shot and the certain confidence all his subjects seemed to exude. New fan right here!

Fast forward to 2012. I lived in Connecticut and worked for Lost Highway Imaging Photo Studio as the hair/makeup/stylist. The photographer, Beth (who is also a model), and I begin to open up to each other and we learned we both love Alvarado. We said, “One day we’re going to work with Robert Alvarado!” All the way from CT it sounded like a big fluffy day dream.

Fast forward to 2013. I moved back to California and I thought WTF? I’m just going to email Robert Alvarado and let him know I would like to offer my professional makeup services to him. Why not, I’m back in the same state. What’s the worst he can say? No? I tend to be an annoying optimist. no response -____- as i expected but I tried right? and that’s what counts! *annoying optimism*

Fast forward again toĀ 2014. I get an email from Beth all the way in CT and it said, “Remember that imaginary fantasy we had where I shot with Robert Alvarado and you did my hair and makeup??? Well, that’s going to be a real thing!!!!” She flew all the way to CA and we shot with Robert Alvarado, in his house. That was an actual quote from the email she sent, just so you know.


I kind of got overwhelmed because it was a moment I felt I achieved something I really wanted. Something I wouldn’t have been able to do if I remained in the same situation I was in back in 2006. It’s hard to push yourself to grow, or change, or chase something you really want. For me that was makeup.Ā Sometimes the universe gives you teeny tiny glimpsesĀ of peace and a sense of accomplishment to let you know, you’re on the right path. That was one of them. These pictures hold more meaning than I could ever pour into the internet. Holding on to all my little Brittany dreams. Don’t quit your daydream. B

Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 10.20.29 PM

Photo: Robert Alvarado

Model: Beth Claire

Hair: Laura Buenrostro

MU: Brittany Made Me Pretty

Breakfast with Spooky Mermaids


As the last bit of day fadesĀ from the sky,Ā the coffee brews.


The donuts emerge from the fire.


The sugars and spices are conjured.


With one bite, your soul is no longer your own.


The last feature from HALLOW: An Eerie Issue is the Donut Mermaid. In the vein of mermaids being tempting sirens that lead men to their deaths, so goes our dark beauty’s story, luring with something much more dangerous, donuts and coffee. mmm



BTW- Those contacts are yellow but Berkeley’s eyesĀ are so blue they turned lime green which was really frightening in person. Great for the character!


I used the brow blocking technique with a water soluble glue stick to “get rid of ” Berkeley’s brows. A combination of a few different purple pigments from Lunatick Cosmetic Labs and a black shadow were used for the eyes. The black lip is also from Lunatick Cosmetic Labs in Black Cult. The black on her fingers in the first few imagesĀ is a water activated body paint from Mehron.



The invite for this party was my favorite from the entire HALLOW look book. It was a mini coffin, holding not only the invite and event details, but also a few baby donuts!



Photo: Mount Up Productions

Model: Berkeley Kooiman

Mermaid Tail Design: Genevieve Gantney

Hair Accessories: Tassja Huffman

Hair: Ā Laura Buesnrostro

Makeup: Brittany Made Me Pretty

Desserts/Set Design: Marisa’s Flour Fix

Styling: Tracy Herold

Graphic Design: Jessica Simons




Tiny Stitches


The model for our 4th feature from HALLOW is actually a doll designer. Katherine LongĀ makes these really adorable soft dolls pulling inspiration from cartoons, The Muppets, and Tim Burton. Their aesthetic lent itself to some really fun makeup since Kat resembles her dolls so much! Thanks for the inspiration in Tiny Stitches.


Our favorite toys end up the most beat up, often times missing buttons or limbs. I wanted Kat’s makeup to have that same feeling. Her neck seam is losing it’s stitches and her stuffing is coming out.


I layered latex and cotton on the neck to form the opening. Dinair airbrush flesh tone and fantasy makeup was used to paint the dried neck piece. I used latex again, but as an adhesive for the stuffing. Lastly, I stitched up the neck opening with black string. I tried thread but it was too thin to make an impact. Thick, black string was much more noticeable! The lipstick is one of my favorite purples from Lunatick Cosmetic Labs in Paranormal ā¤



P.S. those buttons on the apples are chocolate molds not real buttons. I know, get out Marisa!


One of my favorite shots is the image above. The pretzels and the doll legs are too cute.


Photo: Kersti Kooiman

Model:Ā Katherine Long

Hair: Laura Buenrostro

Makeup: Brittany Made Me Pretty

Desserts/Set Design: Marisa Criscione

Graphic Design: Jessica Simons

Dia De Los Dulces


Our first feature from HALLOW: An Eerie Issue is our sugar skull: Dia De Los Dulces.


I used a combination of face paints from Mehron and Ben Nye. For the eyes, I used yellow and green shadows from Morphe, MAC, and the Franken Lime SteinĀ Kromatick SilkĀ from Lunatick Cosmetic Labs to add shimmer.


This shoot was a collaboration of talents. We are all in the the special event industry so why not come together, throw a party, and take pix of it! Our baker made a giant dessert table, our graphic designer put invitations together and hand made these envelopes. To finish it off, Hair and Makeup made sure it was a Halloween party with the right costume.

hello 016

hello 036




If you are looking to hire a professional in any of these fields, these are your ladies!

Photo: Kersti Kooiman

Model: Stephanie Ceniceros

Hair: Laura Buenrostro

Makeup: Brittany Made Me Pretty

Floral Hair Accessory Design: Tassja Huffman

Desserts/Set Design: Marisa Criscione

Graphic Design: Jessica Simons

Artificial Human

David Miller is someone I’ve fortunately been able to see work behind the scenes. He has this vision in his head and knows exactly how to create it. Both times I’ve worked with him I couldn’t clearly see what he had in mind until he actually took the photo. A truly creative person, I have no idea how he sees the things he does. It’s magic

I always love working with Laura. She whips up some crazy hairstyles out of no where! All of the chains in the models hair are necklaces she owned or made.




Annie had flawless skin and bleached brows, so the weather-worn, greek statue look David was trying to go for came so easy! I sheered out my RCMAĀ foundations with Embryolisse moisturizerĀ to even out her skin tone. I used some Mac Full Coverage Foundation in White and a mascara spoolie to lighten her already white lashes and brows. I also used a combination of NYX Loose Pearl ShadowsĀ to highlight her skin with a tiny bit of Chromium pigment from Lunatick Cosmetics Labs. An inexpensive mud mask from Sally’s (or your local beauty supply) was used to create the crackle effect.

Annie web size_12

Annie web size_11

These two muted kaleidoscopeĀ images areĀ so haunting. I was THRILLED to get these photos from Dave!

Annie web size_02

Annie web size_03

Annie web size_09

Annie web size_01

Photo: David Miller

Model: Annie Montgomery

Hair: Laura Buenrostro

Makeup/FX: Brittany Made Me Pretty