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Color and Texture

Paint Strokes: Makeup Forever Flash Palette

Highlight: Makeup Forever Star Powder 940

Gold Glitter: Star Crushed Minerals Gold Spice and Golden Rule

Lashes: Top- Star Crushed Minerals Cythera and Elevation Euphoria 02, Bottom- Star Crushed Minerals Venus

Gold chord, chunky glitter, and mini sequins were all Michael’s finds, I’m sure most craft stores would have comparable items ūüėČ

Model: Kelly

Hair: Laura Buenrostro

Makeup: Brittany Moody

Hair Accessories: Hair Comes The Bride Ruby and Brittany

Photo: Arif Pierce

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PHAMExpo ’16

So fortunate to be hired to do a live body painting demo for Drama Queen Makeup Academy and Town of Lashes this past weekend! I had a blast! Wanted to leave a little information about products and techniques in case anyone might be curious ūüėČ

Here is how it turned out! I had a superrrr cute model to begin with so my job was easy as pie.


I did hair and makeup for this one. Very Rita Repulsa¬†meets Dark Sea Witch…


Now for a list of products (exaggerated inhalation because it’s quite the list):

Complexion: RCMA Foundation

Brows: Makeup Geek- Mocha and Corrupt

Eyes and Face Sculpt: Kat Von D- Shade and Light Eye Quad in Rust

Shadows: Makeup Geek- Untamed and Fortune Teller

Highlight: Makeup Forever- Star Powder 940 and Artist Couture- Illuminati

Glitter over entire face: Lit Cosmetics- Champagne Wishes #2

Glitter on Eyes and Lip: Star Crushed Minerals- Gold Spice and Golden Rule


Lip: Drama Queen Makeup– Brown Suga

Lashes: Red Cherry #5 and Elevation Euphoria 02

Chunky Glitter on inner corner: Recollections Signature Sequin Glitter – I bought this from Michael’s Craft Store but they don’t have the sequin caddy I found. The link is for a very similar product though.

Glitter Adhesive: Eye Kandy- Liquid Sugar Base

Body Contour- Mac Cosmetics- Black Airbrush Makeup

Body Glitter: Creatology- Black and Lit Cosmetics- Champagne Wishes #2


Costume Designer, Genevieve Gantney made the black shell top that I adhered to the model using Spirit Gum. On top of that, I adhered some faux metallic pieces to make it more dramatic.

I watched these two videos and was super inspired to make the “jewelry” for the Merwitch. The first video is from Aodhamair.¬†She makes some really cool costume jewelry from hot glue… AAND she has a free template download which is what I used ūüôā

This video is from NsomniaksDream and she inspired the ear/fin jewelry! I used the hot glue technique from Aodhamair instead of wire and it worked!

Powder to Liquid

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 12.29.03 PM

This was my first time experimenting with mixing matte pigments with Makeup Forever’s Aqua Seal and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out! I love all the color eyeliners I’ve been seeing, I just wanted to use what I had instead of buying more. I have lots of loose shadows so it seemed like the right time.

I sprinkled¬†a little bit of a loose pigment onto a mixing palette with ONE DROP of Aqua Seal. Aqua Seal is no joke! It makes what you mix it with waterproof… and it’s essspensive so don’t waste it.


Side note about Aqua Seal- I assisted a class at The Makeup Show with Orlando Santiago and the man put Aqua Seal on errrythang! He added it to his under eye concealer¬†so it would dry waterproof and resist creasing *gasp* He applied it to powder eye shadows so when they dry, they were water proof *deeper gasp*… the entire class I kept saying to myself in disbelief, “no?” My mind opened and the possibilities are endless!

Pictured above:

Paw Palette- Purr Baby Paw Palette Ring

Star Crushed Minerals- Anarchy Loose Shadow

Makeup Forever- Aqua Seal

Royal and Langnickel- Soft Grip Gold Taklon Script L Size 20/0  This is actually an art brush

Side Side note about brushes- I love Royal and Langnickel brushes! They have great¬†art and beauty tools. I use their Aqualon brushes for body painting or other water activated paint applications. The 20/0 brush I used for this was a little old so I trimmed any stray hairs so I had a nice clean point ūüėČ

After applying the liner, it¬†dried nice and matte! I was worried it would mix with the purple eye shadow underneath, or that the red liner would be too sheer. It turned out opaque and really fluid. Here’s to more experimenting and new colors!


Star Crushed Minerals


This goes out¬†to the kind souls¬†of Star Crushed Minerals. Shadows, highlights, glitters. Shimmer, sparkle, color, all the things I like in one spot. It makes me feel less alone in this galaxy¬†ūüėÄ I really like what they have to offer and the packaging is adorable. Every time I get a confetti filled box I immediately get happy! ¬†SCM¬†was also so generous as to give loose Starbright Highlighters and Halo Glitters to everyone who joined my HighlightXContour demos last month. Unreal support. They are beyond good to me and I appreciate it ‚̧

To top it all off, they have lashes NOW! Each pair is $10 and they are currently¬†running a 50% OFF promocode FULLMETALLASHES. Click images below for style names ūüėČ LOOK AT CYTHERA *heavy breathing*

To share a little bit about their loose Starbright Highlighters, here are a couple of my faves on some skin: Bare My Soul on the left, it’s a really pretty natural shade, I just layered it wet til she had moon beams coming out of her face. Ice Queen on the right. This highlight has a¬†frosty¬†blue hue. Layered over black really shows how blue the pigment is.


A few more¬†Starbright Highlighters I use a lot! Top row are what I like to think of as the fantasy, statement highlights. These have a stronger hue to them. The “I want my face to pop like a new box of crayons” attitude. Overall makes me feel the right amount¬†of weird/other worldly so I can step into public.

Left to right: Fairy Wings– Green shimmer, Ice Queen– Blue Highlight, Sheer Joy– Purple/Pink Shimmer

These are the natural, “I’m human, but still want this glow to blind you from Mars” highlights. Left to right: Bare My Soul– Very light gold with a faint pink/orange warmth, Birthday Suit– Warm pink/peach shimmer, In The Buff– Golden Nude

Enough makeup gush. Have a good day folks! ‚̧ B

Kat Von D Beauty

I think we all appreciate and love Kat Von D in our own way. Miami Ink, La Ink, High Voltage Tattoo, Wonderland Gallery, her books,¬†¬†KVD Beauty and the empire it has become… she’s just a badass. So when I received this package, I peed a little. I probably didn’t go to sleep until 1am just staring at my ceiling like, WTF. Who wouldn’t freak out?? jsdhvfjhavfjgavskfjhvasjgha!

The packaging and presentation¬†are soooo clean. I’m a visual nerd so the coffin-esque shape box and how everything fit so snuggly in the black on black foam core cut outs…hnnnnng!

Screen Shot 2016-04-09 at 6.48.33 AM

The Shade+Light Eye Contour Quads are bomb! I’m a huge fan of matte shadows and all these bad boys are MATTE and pigmented af. I can’t decide if I have a favorite yet. I’m partial to orange and warm brows so that Rust palette hits¬†a sweet spot. The Plum and Sage palettes have some really pretty intense colors too, though. And the Smoke palette is the essential “DUH!” cool-tone¬†smokey eye must-have.


Pic above is some quick beauty looks. Left: Sage Palette and FYFE Liner on the eyes. Right: Plum, Rust, and Smoke palette… I got a little carried away.


I threw a little of the Rust shadows on top of Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Lolita to add some extra highlight and contour. I used the Highlight (off white) and Define (deep brown) shades.

Ok confession time. I slept in my makeup because I’m a lazy sinner breaking the cardinal rule of skincare. I used the Lock-It Color Correcting Eyeshadow Primer and my smokey eye (the purple on seen above) woke up intact!! Not gonna lie, I was thoroughly impressed. Fresh to Death…literally. Side Note: I’ve been using the Deep Primer to give the shadows a little bit of a darker intensity.

There’s a Shade + Light Eye contour brush! I like blending harsh lines with a dense, firmer brush. The domed end is perfect for that. I¬†used it to blend the shadows at my crease and diffuse any harsh lines on my lower lid.¬†There is also a tapered end to the brush that gives way more precision and control to your application. I like it for right underneath my lash line. Erik Soto does a great brush demonstration video, if you haven’t seen it already, hit play.

Life Beyond MAC

I grew up on MAC. I’ve been a regular for the past 13 years. I even worked for the company for a split second. I learned so much about ingredients, skin care, skin types, and skin tones while I was there. It was the hands-on experience I NEEDED. ¬†I know the products, I know the shades, I am confident in MAC Cosmetics. That’s my go to (more specifically for my professional kit. I’ll try anything on my face… twice).

That being said, it has been so hard for me to try new makeup with the intention of adding it to my work kit. I kind of have that, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” attitude. I eventually branched out into RCMA, Ben Nye, Makeup Forever… which I absolutely love now. But other brands, I’m not so sure about. Especially with Instagram¬†which is a great,¬†free marketing tool for small cosmetic companies to reach way more people, but how much of the hype can you believe? Slowly and surely I’ll try things on myself, if I like it long enough, I’ll buy another for my pro kit. And let’s be real, it’s an investment and so much money can be wasted on products you won’t even use that will sit around and collect dust. I’m not about that life.

A student of mine had an eye shadow palette sitting in her kit for months, she hardly used it. One day she was so fed up with it taking up space in her kit, she gave it to me. It was the Morphe 35S Palette. I looked at it sideways. It had some nice colors, one dual intensity color I couldn’t look away from. Lots of intense colors, just how I like them. I skeptically thought, I’ll keep this in my personal kit, I don’t have many shadows (I swear I wear Brown Script every day). I tried a few looks. Needless to say, I’m very happy with the shadows and very inspired by the colors!!

These are all looks using the 35S Palette posted up on my IG. If you’re on the gram, come say hi! @brittbrutal¬†Moral of the story: I suppose I could be a little more open minded to try new things, have fun with experimenting, and learn a few new tricks along the way… but continue to do your research! Don’t be NOBODY’S¬†fool.



Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 11.46.30 AM

Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 11.46.52 AM

Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 11.47.17 AM

Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 11.47.39 AM

Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 11.48.05 AM

Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 11.48.27 AM