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I found these three organizer/storage containers/things in the jewelry section of a few different craft stores (with 40% off coupons #frugal).


This one ($2), I used for my foundations. These ones are Mac Full Coverage. I also love RCMA!


I melted some J. Cat lipsticks ($1.99) into this container ($1) for my school kit just to show students how to ball on a budget. Chopped them up, popped them in the microwave, and they are done! If youre just learning or practicing, a few varied lipsticks are all you need to start with. Again #frugal


Lastly, I know they specifically make these containers for hair pins but I found this at Hobby Lobby for $2 with my coupon. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen them for a lot more!

You can use all sorts of things for tons of other things, just have to think outside the box.


Im Not Fake, Just My Lashes Are

I used a pair of these box lashes before and the stiffness of the lash band was so disappointing! They weren’t flexible enough to curve with the roundness of the lash line. Plus the band was too thick and would poke the inner corners of my eyes. Tonight though… one of the beautiful students at My Beauty Mark Makeup Academy told me a little secret. If you split the band length wise and remove one of the threads, the band becomes more flexible. One of the best tricks I have heard in a while. Box lashes, here I come!

Batted Lashes

It’s a necessity for any makeup artist to carry a variety of lashes. I was spending way too much money at local boutiques who mark up their prices, I’m cheap so it actually kind of hurt.  If you haven’t discovered Allied Trading for inexpensive (less than $1) bulk lashes, you must! Super stoked with my purchase, great price, and they were delivered the next day. Added these new styles to my kit and I couldn’t be more excited 🙂 I found my pot of gold and wanted to share the spoils.


These first 4 pairs of lashes are some of my favorites for a soft, natural look. Not too dense, the base of the lashes are spaced out as to keep the lash line open and visible. Light, airy lashes to add a little bit of whimsy.


If I’m looking for a little more volume, I like these guys. Still enough fringe on the ends to keep them from looking overly dramatic. The base of the lash is a bit more close-knit to darken and define the eye.


AND THEN! I like these lashes for a wide-eyed, wispy look. The spacing between the hair clusters keeps the lashes from being too dense and dramatic. They are long and fringy enough to add glamour and define the eye. PLUS, these lashes are winged out at the ends to help elongate the shape. All of the lashes I bought are on the beauty side of the spectrum. I have yet to purchase “the drama.” Those will come soon. Aaaaaaaaand, I haven’t even started thinking about the stacking combinations…


I found this helpful post from Michelle Phan about choosing lashes for your eye shape. A poor lash application/choice can KILL a beautiful makeup if it doesn’t complement the eye of the beholder. Know your stuff! Check it out 🙂


SHOW AND TELL: What’s In My Kit?

Basically, I love organizing my kit, I got some cool new stuff, and this post is an excuse for me to take pictures of it. Hope it helps someone, somewhere building, organizing, or revamping their kit! It’s gonna get makeup nerdy real quick.

The ZUCA… comes with 5 large removable, clear plastic pouches. It has 3 outside pockets on either side of the case, and a couple small pockets on the back of the case. Inside the door are 2 more clear plastic zip pockets and a mesh net pocket. The entire inside of the case is completely hollow. The top of the inside of the case is lined with a mesh net that acts as a pocket as well. I’m not a fan of loose thingamabobs roaming around my kit, so the amount of storage this case offers for it’s size is what attracted me to it. It has wheels, it’s compact, it has a long retractable handle, and it fits perfectly in my trunk. No, this is not a Zuca sponsored ad.


I use the outside pockets mainly for paperwork (contracts, inspiration pix, business cards). The door pockets are used to hold powder puffs, sponges, and makeup wipes. My case is kinda like a mullet, business on the outside, party on the inside.


The 5 removable plastic pouches contain (I only carry pouches #1 and #2 at all times, the rest are interchangeable depending on the job):

  1. Skin Care- Moisturizer, Primers, Eye Cream, Finishing Spray, Refreshing Spray, Travel Size Foundations and Setting Powders
  2. Tools and Accessories- Mascara Wands, Lip Gloss Applicators, Qtips, Tissue, Hand Sanitizer, Eye Drops, Scissors, Tweezers, Carmex, Tape, Travel Size spray bottles of Alcohol and Brush Cleaner
  3. Airbrush Makeup- Natural Colors, Fantasy Colors, Airbrush Gun
  4. SpecialFX Makeup- Blood, Grease Paint Color Wheels, Glycerine, Spirit Gum, Latex, Scar Wax, FX Colored Powders, Adhesive Removers, Water Activated Paint Palette
  5. Foundations- I carry a small palette of foundations in pouch #1. Pouch #5 holds the bulk of my foundations. This pouch normally stays at home. Don’t feel bad for her, she’s an introvert.

**Possibly doing a post about each pouch to give more details about product… We’ll see**


I have 4 Z Palettes, 2 Shadow (48 shadows) and 2 Blush (16 blushes). I originally had 7 other palettes… I was able to condense the same amount of product into these $!! The magnets are strong and you can easily take out the shadows to clean or reorganize a palette. My life is seriously simpler because of these things.


I have 1 large lip palette that holds 24 lipsticks and 3 mini palettes with an additional 15 lipsticks. I have a small clear pouch for my glosses, and a long clear pouch for my pencils (I’m able to fit the small palettes in the pencil pouch, that’s 3 compartments for all those lip products)!


I keep a small clear pouch for lashes, lash glue, mascara, and liner.


All of my powders are kept in a long clear pouch. This one normally stays home too since I have travel size containers of powder in pouch #1.


Last but not least, I have a brush canister. I usually only use this container to keep dirty brushes separate from the clean brushes in my belt. It makes clean up super easy too, put a lid on the dirty brushes and go!

There are a ton of different brands that make different versions of all of the products I mentioned above. I highly suggest paying a visit to Naimie’s, Nigel’s, or Frend’s if you are in the LA area; or you can always shop online. Try different products til you find what works for you. When you have a work station set up the way your brain naturally puts things in order, you’ll feel much more comfortable creating and working. Or I’m as nuts as I have always suspected and this just works for me.




When concealing anything, the first couple questions I ask myself are WHAT COLOR UNDERTONE AM I TRYING TO CONCEAL and HOW DEEPLY PIGMENTED IS IT?? If the obstacle we are trying to tackle is weak in pigmentation, I might be able to cover it with foundation. If that doesn’t do the trick, we just might have to do some color correcting.


Under eye circles are usually a blue or purple hue. Blemishes and pimples are usually on the red side. Scars can be dark brown and so on and so forth. The trick to color correcting is simple, conceal with the obstacles OPPOSITE or COMPLIMENTARY color (I made this Easter egg looking diagram above to help you remember… you’re welcome). Complimentary colors neutralize each other. Ever try to finger paint a sick rainbow in kindergarten and end up with a brown mess when certain colors mixed? Thank complimentary colors and art theory for that disaster. Let us learn from our child like ways and use the same logic to conceal our now grown up, adult eye baggies and blemishes.

BMMP_ConcealingStepsSo once I have decided on what color corrector to use I’d be liiiiiiiiiiiike:

  1. Apply color corrector to problem area with a small flat concealer brush
  2. Apply a concealer on top of color corrector in a stipple motion being sure not to smear or smudge corrector below
  3. Blend any harsh lines or edges of concealer into foundation or skin
  4. Set with powder of your choice
  5. Be perfect

Old, New, Borrowed, and Blue

IMG_1706-webSpring is here and so is wedding season. Just wanted to share a few questions I’ve been asked or things I’ve put together along the way.

Makeup can be such a personal thing. Some people like their brows a certain way or their liner just so. There’s a fine line a makeup artist can cross that will forever banish them into someone’s Worst Makeup Artist Ever Hell. So when you are looking for an artist for your big day, STYLE, I feel is the most important thing to look for… followed closely by ability and skill… and hygiene.

The elusive “Bridal” makeup. Descriptive words can mean so many different things to different people. Someone can say Smokey Eye and I’m sure we would all imagine different colors, shapes, and shadow placement. Natural Makeup can also vary based on what your take on natural is. With so many subjective makeup views, finding pictures of makeup you like is so important to obtaining the look you are trying to achieve. COLLECT PIX, that’s what Pinterest is for right?!

I have also run into a few brides who wear dramatic makeup on a regular basis BUT they did numerous trials with different artists asking for a typical bridal/natural/no makeup look and hated the end result every time. For some reason, they felt like they couldn’t look like their daily-selves because they had suddenly evolved into this bridal creature in a monstrous white gown that can only wear sheer shades of taupe and beige. WRONG! It’s YOUR day, do whatever the hell you want. If you don’t feel comfortable, you aren’t going to enjoy yourself, and you sure won’t look comfortable in your pictures. BE YOU

This idea may be how I personally decide if I’d like to work with an artist. Do you like your artist’s makeup? Do they have a look or style or portray the skill set to get you looking good on the biggest day of your life that will be captured in hundreds of photos you and your children and your children’s children will look back on for generations to come??! I. Hope. So. Study their work, look through their portfolio or their website. Trials are the only way to find out if your artist has the guts for the glory. DIG YOUR ARTIST AND GET A TRIAL

After all that nonsense, I leave you with these 3 looks.

  • Natural- Sheer Foundation, Light Contour, Individual Lashes
  • Classic- Medium Coverage Matte Foundation, Contour, Individual Lashes, Lined eyes and Darker Shadows
  • Dramatic- Medium Coverage Matte Foundation, Heavier Contour and Blush, Full Strip Lashes, Smokey Liner and Deep Shadows

All Photos by: Lost Highway Imaging

Makeup and Hair by: Brittany Made Me Pretty

Thank you to Meghan for modeling for us 🙂





Brow Lab: Setting Gel

BMMP_FinalSetHere is the final installment of January brows! I have a bunch of fun wedding stuff to share and couldn’t wait to get this post out.

Aside from shadows, creams, and pencil products out there; I’m sure you are all familiar with gel products. They come in a variety of shades, from clear for a very subtle look, to dark brown with much more pigment. They also have much more hold, think of them as the max hold hairspray of the brow grooming bunch. Gels do dry hard like a hair gel. Too much product can get flakey.

The pigmented gels are fun to play with because you get to totally change the tint of your brow easily and temporarily. Below, I used Girl Boy Brow Set from MAC. I would usually choose Beguile (it’s much more of an ash brown), but the store I went to was all out… and I was desperate. SO, you can tell the gel has a reddish tone which isn’t my fave on myself… but just to give you the idea!


  1. Natural Brow
  2. Girl Boy- Just kicks off the depth of the black from my brow. Comb through the hairs, try to avoid brushing all the way to the skin. Brows will begin to look cakey.
  3. To clean up any smudges from the gel spoolie, I cleaned up the edges with a concealer.
  4. All set! Concealer is blended out into my foundation. Ta Da!