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Color and Texture

Paint Strokes: Makeup Forever Flash Palette

Highlight: Makeup Forever Star Powder 940

Gold Glitter: Star Crushed Minerals Gold Spice and Golden Rule

Lashes: Top- Star Crushed Minerals Cythera and Elevation Euphoria 02, Bottom- Star Crushed Minerals Venus

Gold chord, chunky glitter, and mini sequins were all Michael’s finds, I’m sure most craft stores would have comparable items šŸ˜‰

Model: Kelly

Hair: Laura Buenrostro

Makeup: Brittany Moody

Hair Accessories: Hair Comes The Bride Ruby and Brittany

Photo: Arif Pierce

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Breakfast with Spooky Mermaids


As the last bit of day fadesĀ from the sky,Ā the coffee brews.


The donuts emerge from the fire.


The sugars and spices are conjured.


With one bite, your soul is no longer your own.


The last feature from HALLOW: An Eerie Issue is the Donut Mermaid. In the vein of mermaids being tempting sirens that lead men to their deaths, so goes our dark beauty’s story, luring with something much more dangerous, donuts and coffee. mmm



BTW- Those contacts are yellow but Berkeley’s eyesĀ are so blue they turned lime green which was really frightening in person. Great for the character!


I used the brow blocking technique with a water soluble glue stick to “get rid of ” Berkeley’s brows. A combination of a few different purple pigments from Lunatick Cosmetic Labs and a black shadow were used for the eyes. The black lip is also from Lunatick Cosmetic Labs in Black Cult. The black on her fingers in the first few imagesĀ is a water activated body paint from Mehron.



The invite for this party was my favorite from the entire HALLOW look book. It was a mini coffin, holding not only the invite and event details, but also a few baby donuts!



Photo: Mount Up Productions

Model: Berkeley Kooiman

Mermaid Tail Design: Genevieve Gantney

Hair Accessories: Tassja Huffman

Hair: Ā Laura Buesnrostro

Makeup: Brittany Made Me Pretty

Desserts/Set Design: Marisa’s Flour Fix

Styling: Tracy Herold

Graphic Design: Jessica Simons




Space Cakes


Our secondĀ feature from HALLOW: An Eerie Issue is ourĀ robot girl: Space Cake


This is a really simple way to get straight lines in your makeup. Stencils people!!

  • SCOTCH TAPE! Stencil off the desired shape.
  • I used VIBE water-based airbrush makeup in Metallic Silver to paint area of the face inside the tape.
  • Once you’re done airbrushing, painting, splattering or what have you, peel the tape away and reveal clean edges! wow.
  • I cleaned up any of the over spray with a makeup wipe, then went aroundĀ edges of the silver mask with foundation on a small concealer brush to give it a crisp, clean line.
  • I highlighted the highest points of her face (tops of cheekbones, chin, cupids bow, and bridge of nose) with LunatickĀ Cosmetic Labs Kromatick Silk in Chormium.
  • I contoured the hollow places (under cheekbones, sides of nose, eye lid crease, deepest portions of cupids bow, under bottom lip) with Carbon from MAC.


Here’s the rest of the party!





Photo: Mount Up Productions

Model: Melanie Criscione

MUAH: Brittany Made Me Pretty

Costume Design: Tracy Herold

Desserts/Set Design: Marisa Criscione

Invitation/Graphic Design: Jessica Simons


David Miller Photography

Some photos of the creative love child that was made with the imaginative David Miller.

Brooke web_02

Brooke web_05

Brooke web_08Model: Brooke

Hair: Laura Buenrostro

Face Paint: Jamie Janett

Makeup: Brittany Made Me Pretty

Wardrobe:Ā MarcelĀ DeJure

Colette web_12

Colette web_13

Model: Colette

Hair: Laura Buenrostro

Makeup: Brittany Made Me Pretty

Wardrobe:Ā MarcelĀ DeJure

Angel web_08

Angel web_09

Model: Angel Lin

Hair: Laura Buenrostro

Makeup: Brittany Made Me Pretty

Wardrobe:Ā MarcelĀ DeJure

Angel web_01

The face paint was amazing! You should have seen it in person. Check out Jamie Janett’s work through the link below.

Model: Angel Lin

Hair: Laura Buenrostro

Face Paint: Jamie Janett

Wardrobe:Ā MarcelĀ DeJure

Ladies of the Night

I wanted to do a quick post on covering brows and couldn’t decide if I wanted to be Vampira or Elvira to do it. I’d definitely need to cover mine to be either. If you have small eyes or not a ton of lid/brow space to do some cool makeup, try covering your brows to give you that extra play room. You can cover brows with a glue stick but I love brow wax so much more, so heres how to do it with wax!


  • Start off with clean dry brows. No moisturizer allowed! Adhesive won’t last as long if it’s not applied directly to skin/hair. Apply spirit gum to entire brow. With a spatula (I actually used a popsicle stick) flatten all hairs down as much as possible. Brow will be shiny from glue and VERY tacky. See top, left image
  • Roll a small amount of brow wax into a worm and apply to spirit gum. You can cover your entire brow or just a portion of it depending on your what you’re going for. Ā See top, right image. The top 4 images are for a partial brow cover. The bottom 2 are the end result of a full brow cover.
  • Flatten wax onto brow with spatula (or popsicle stick). The purpose of the wax is to get rid of the hair texture so make sure the wax is really smooth and the hair texture is gone. See middle, left image
  • Lightly scrape away excess wax with spatula. Edges of wax should seamlessly blend into your skin. The brow should be free of any texture and be as thin as possible, no LSPs please. Completely cover with wax sealer. See middle, right image
  • To conceal the blueish tint of the hair, use an orange beard cover or orange cream makeup. See bottom, left image
  • Set with powder HEAVILY. Lightly dust away any excess powder. If you can still see the darkness of the hair through the orange, repeat bead cover. If you can’t, on to foundation!! See bottom, right image
  • If you use spirit gum, make sure you have a remover to take it off! Hair can easily get ripped out if you don’t!!


Here’s my attempt at the Mistress of the Dark! This is a full brow cover. My actual brow is just under the drawn one. Covering takes time and practice, mine still come out really lumpy šŸ˜¦


Here is Vampira. This is the partial cover. The front of the brow is my hair, I used it as a starting point for the drawn brow. And if you wanna be a chola…


PHAMExpo… Day2

I worked the second day of PHAMExpo at the My Beauty Mark Makeup Academy booth. I recently accepted an instructing position with the team and I was beyond excited to work with them at the Expo! Our makeup theme for the weekend was Futuristic. Then I started thinking… and Alien Unicorn was born.



This was the result! Galaxy meets Lisa Frank meets Sailor Moon (see the reverse tiara, total Freudian Slip) meets My Little Pony. I taped off the forehead to create that sharp edge. Everything was done with eyeshadows, except for the color in the hair. #blendblendblend

IMG_6364 copy

My lovely model Berkley actually picked out the lip combo and it was fantastic! Engraved Liner, Cyber Lipstick on the outer corners, and Violetta Lipstick in the center. Dusted a little bit of LA Splash Glitter in Lilac Lily over the top. LOVE ā¤
IMG_7062 copy

I airbrushed a bit of the color into her hair. She totally looked like a My Little Pony with her colorful braid!


I also did a completely different look on my second model since I went crazy on the first one. Something SUPER natural but still pretty. BTW Wispy lashes are my FAVE!!! Dramatic enough to not be too soft without looking over done. Complex description. B

IMG_7936 copy