Remember Me?


A former student of mine asked me a few personal questions recently, mostly pertaining to makeup. The questions made me dwell a little on my life soup, try to make words from the random alphabet floating around. So I thought I’d spill my answers here and make this my step back into writing my messy thoughts down. Here we go, be really scared.

1- What are your goals as a MUA?

For a long time I said my goal was “Makeup Explosion” whatever that meant. I knew I wanted to make my career in this industry and I wanted to get my hands in everything. Film, TV, print, event makeup, body painting, special fx… I wanted to do it all and then some. I always tell students who ask me about the different routes to take in makeup, TRY EVERYTHING. Take every opportunity you can. Some things twice to make certain how you feel about it. You may discover you love something you never thought you would, like me. I hate public speaking, I’m pretty high strung and in my head without being in the spotlight, but my favorite job of all time is teaching. Go. Figure.

2- How do you feel about having your own business?

Partly why I love freelancing so much, you get to take opportunities to be in new environments with different groups of people on your own time. It’s a hustle. I’m sure the uncertainty may not be something everyone would enjoy. Who doesn’t like doing things their own way, working hard for something they truly believe in though?

3- What was the biggest challenge you had to go through?

4- What keeps you motivated when you want to give up?

3 and 4 kinda go together for me. Soooo, ever been in one of those really toxic relationships where you completely neglect yourself?? Like mentally and emotionally exhausted?? Me too, let’s share scars! Choosing to move away from that part of my life and trying to take care of my brain has been the hands down most challenging thing I’ve ever done. I had completely ignored me and my creative outlet. The moment I stepped away from that (I say “stepped away,” it was really more of a stumble forward, then I tripped backward… and crawled forward again, shampoo and repeat as necessary), I enrolled in makeup school and I haven’t stopped doing makeup since. It was the first major thing I had done for myself at that point, all the turmoil built up a huge creative surge that needed to be let out, and it was the tiniest bit of freedom and independence I had to make my own choice, for myself, not worrying about what others thought or what they would do. Remembering the negative way I felt back then, the hopelessness, is what motivates me not to give up. I made it through what felt like the darkest, most heart breaking experience of my life. I never died.

5- Did you have support from friends and family when you decided to become a makeup artist?

I’ve always been a colorful kid, I think my parents knew when my visual aids for school projects came out better than my essays that I was going to be somewhat of an artiste. I’ve been very fortunate to have extremely encouraging  friends and family. A couple of friends are actually the ones who planted that little seed. I didn’t know you could make a living doing makeup. Apparently, it’s a thing.

That all being said, here’s to taking more time doing things I enjoy like this blaaaaahhhg! Also, anyone in Orange County California, I will be doing a Highlight and Contour demo this Saturday, 4/2 at The Makeup Shack. Come hang out. PEACE!! ❤ B

4.2 HXC


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