Strange and Unusual Lips

I want to look weird. I want to look other worldly. My face is the most conveniently accessible canvas at my disposal so I express my frustrations with my basic mortality using makeup and glitter. I either want to look radiant, ethereal, alien-natural OR sometimes I feel a little moody and want to scare people. One of my favorite ways to alter a look is using an unnatural lip color, whether that’s a dark dragon lady green or even a neutral with a grey/dead undertone. I don’t think I say enough how excited I am with this whole liquid matte liquid trend ESPECIALLY since most of these cosmetic companies are doing the strangest colors. I love that makeup is so artistic right now. Two of those companies I am very happy to have been introduced to are Pretty Zombie Cosmetics and Makeup Monster Cosmetics.

Black Lips! I know I’m young, but let’s go back in time to 1996 to visit a little movie called The Craft. As I’m sure it ignited a little black flame in your heart as it did mine, I NEEDED a black lipstick after watching that movie. I looked everywhere (meaning the 2 stores my mom would take me to)!


The only lipsticks I found were poor-quality, Halloween lipsticks that were really creamy, shiny, and sheer. I wanted a lip as black and pitch as night! *Please note- if you did not feel the same way after this movie and think something is wrong with me, you’re probably right. I was made fun of for wearing green nail polish in elementary school, so I new my future was going to hold more weird to come. I won’t hold your judgements against you.* 

Screen Shot 2015-06-20 at 11.49.22 PM

And here I am sitting in the middle of 2015 with this beautiful, opaque, matte blacker than sin liquid lipstick from Pretty Zombie Cosmetics. This is Black Cat (it reads kind of blue in the picture, but it’s black). The texture is thin, very pigmented, and lasts beautifully. I personally don’t mind drying, matte lip products or some cracking, but this texture is so smooth and matte! I haven’t had any problems with cracking or flaking! Love this formula!!

Though my wardrobe is mainly neutrals, I love color! I love all colors; warm, cool, light, dark, dull… glitter, it doesn’t matter as long as we’re talking colors on my face or in my hair. The bolder the better. It makes me feel some type of way. It’s fun! When people compliment a bold makeup choice and follow up with, “but I could never pull it off,” it’s crushing! I guess when I wear colorful, bold, drastic makeup in a weird way I am crushing the same doubt that tells me “I’m weird” and “It’s not ok.”

Screen Shot 2015-06-20 at 11.49.02 PM

Play with your makeup! It washes off, it’s not so serious if you are open to play and Makeup Monster Cosmetics is all kinds of playing!! This is Back Lash and it’s beautiful. They have a very similar texture to the Pretty Zombie liquid lipsticks. Thin, buildable, opaque, and smooooooth.

If you’re looking to try a new lip, I’d give there guys a whirl. ❤



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