Work Harder

Doing makeup almost every night for the past year and a half has made me feel a lot stronger in my ability than ever before. I’m faster than I’ve ever been and I feel more confident about my color choices, product choices, understanding bone structure, etc etc. Instructing so often has been the best form of “practice” for me.

When I started teaching the Advanced Makeup Course at My Beauty Mark, I was thrilled to be doing my favorite types of looks. Something a little more creative and a lot more hands on (how can it not be, it’s makeup?) as far as painting, prosthetics, building and molding are concerned. After every class I’m so exhausted mentally, but it’s the good kind of burn, like when you’re at the gym, you know you’re doing work! I need SO MUCH MORE PRACTICE! And I want to put in more time into these types of makeups. This is my zone, this is where I can lose myself, this is my craft.

Whether you’re an artist into beauty, into FX, or just an innocent bystander who finds comfort and self expression in the makeup world, dig deeper. Learn more. Fight for the best you. Here are a few looks from the demos I do in class and honestly they make me happy. My work has never made me happy. I’m not content, I know I can do so much more, but for now, I’ll smile at the fact that after 4 years of putting in solid work on my makeup, I can see some progress and I like where it’s going. Keep working! B


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