Forever Lips

In case I haven’t mentioned it here before, I instruct at My Beauty Mark Makeup Academy in Southern California. Taking the leap from working at a full time “corporate” job to becoming a freelance artist was ulcer worthy to put it mildly. If I hadn’t decided to make take that giant step, I would have never found My Beauty Mark. I’ve been at the school for about a year and a half, and saying I love my job wouldn’t really express how content and confident I am in every career choice I’ve made thus far. I’m a dreamer. A big, magical, mermaid-believing, day dreamer. I want it all. Though I’m not sure when or how I’m going to get to where I need/want/hope to be, I feel like I made the right decision with My Beauty Mark. I feel like I found my sweet spot. With all that sentiment, I’m very excited and proud of the strides My Beauty Mark is making in the beauty industry. Just a tiny portion of all the hard work and planning from the owners and staff is starting to surface. The very tip of that ice burg is Forever Lips.

My Beauty Mark Cosmetics is releasing their first line of liquid lipsticks. This collection is named after 4 MBM Dolls’ IG names. This is just the beginning of what’s to come! (right to left: @julisad_mbm, @alyssamarieartistry, @brittbrutal, @alexmybeautymark)


I can’t begin to say how freakin STOKED and honored I am to have one of these lip colors named after me. Let’s be honest, there’s the kid in me living a tiny mermaid day dream right now. If anyone is interested in these liquid lipsticks, they are available for pre-sale now. Follow the link to the SHOP here. Cheers to makeup, day dreams, and hard work.



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