Tiny Stitches


The model for our 4th feature from HALLOW is actually a doll designer. Katherine Long makes these really adorable soft dolls pulling inspiration from cartoons, The Muppets, and Tim Burton. Their aesthetic lent itself to some really fun makeup since Kat resembles her dolls so much! Thanks for the inspiration in Tiny Stitches.


Our favorite toys end up the most beat up, often times missing buttons or limbs. I wanted Kat’s makeup to have that same feeling. Her neck seam is losing it’s stitches and her stuffing is coming out.


I layered latex and cotton on the neck to form the opening. Dinair airbrush flesh tone and fantasy makeup was used to paint the dried neck piece. I used latex again, but as an adhesive for the stuffing. Lastly, I stitched up the neck opening with black string. I tried thread but it was too thin to make an impact. Thick, black string was much more noticeable! The lipstick is one of my favorite purples from Lunatick Cosmetic Labs in Paranormal



P.S. those buttons on the apples are chocolate molds not real buttons. I know, get out Marisa!


One of my favorite shots is the image above. The pretzels and the doll legs are too cute.


Photo: Kersti Kooiman

Model: Katherine Long

Hair: Laura Buenrostro

Makeup: Brittany Made Me Pretty

Desserts/Set Design: Marisa Criscione

Graphic Design: Jessica Simons


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