Gothique Ettiquette


My sweet vampirous. This was one of my fave looks to do! Take a look at the entire HALLOW: An Eerie Issue and enjoy 🙂

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 9.57.45 AM

You have to check out all the links at the bottom of the post to see everyone involved! It was really a group effort and all of these people are freakin talented!


If you haven’t been to Naimie’s and you are into prosthetics or want to get into prosthetics, they have a lot of fun options. I found these pointed ears and knew my Vampirous needed them. I’ve been out of practice with prosthetics so these turned out better than I expected, not quite what I hoped. I could have added more definition in the paint job BUT you live and you learn.

I used the Makeup Forever Flash Palette for the highlight and contour on the face. I airbrushed the prosthetics with Dinair makeup in flesh tones and fantasy colors. Lips were Lunatick Cosmetic Labs in Ritual Red over MAC NightMoth lip pencil.


This guy, Arif Pierce, always gets into character to help the model portray a specific emotion or expression. It’s one of my favorite parts of shooting with him… you know besides the awesome pix and the fact that he knows what he’s doing. Here’s what this shot looked like from my phone above, and here is what his magical, demon camera got through the veil below… serious magic!




Major thanks to Mady for getting into character and scaring the maintenance lady while we were shooting!! ❤ She was the perfect vampire. My heart is yours.



That finger wave tho. #lalashair


And in true Bleeding Through fandom form, I must end with lyrics from Sweet Vampirous


Be warned, she’ll kill you. Be warned, she’ll kill us all. Be warned, she’ll kill you. Be warned, she’ll kill ME!

Photo: Arif Peirce

Model: Madlyne Woodward

Hair: Laura Buenrostro

Makeup: Brittany Made Me Pretty

Dessert/Set Design: Flour Fix

Graphic/Invitation Design: Jessica Simons




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