Space Cakes


Our second feature from HALLOW: An Eerie Issue is our robot girl: Space Cake


This is a really simple way to get straight lines in your makeup. Stencils people!!

  • SCOTCH TAPE! Stencil off the desired shape.
  • I used VIBE water-based airbrush makeup in Metallic Silver to paint area of the face inside the tape.
  • Once you’re done airbrushing, painting, splattering or what have you, peel the tape away and reveal clean edges! wow.
  • I cleaned up any of the over spray with a makeup wipe, then went around edges of the silver mask with foundation on a small concealer brush to give it a crisp, clean line.
  • I highlighted the highest points of her face (tops of cheekbones, chin, cupids bow, and bridge of nose) with Lunatick Cosmetic Labs Kromatick Silk in Chormium.
  • I contoured the hollow places (under cheekbones, sides of nose, eye lid crease, deepest portions of cupids bow, under bottom lip) with Carbon from MAC.


Here’s the rest of the party!





Photo: Mount Up Productions

Model: Melanie Criscione

MUAH: Brittany Made Me Pretty

Costume Design: Tracy Herold

Desserts/Set Design: Marisa Criscione

Invitation/Graphic Design: Jessica Simons



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