Artificial Human

David Miller is someone I’ve fortunately been able to see work behind the scenes. He has this vision in his head and knows exactly how to create it. Both times I’ve worked with him I couldn’t clearly see what he had in mind until he actually took the photo. A truly creative person, I have no idea how he sees the things he does. It’s magic

I always love working with Laura. She whips up some crazy hairstyles out of no where! All of the chains in the models hair are necklaces she owned or made.




Annie had flawless skin and bleached brows, so the weather-worn, greek statue look David was trying to go for came so easy! I sheered out my RCMA foundations with Embryolisse moisturizer to even out her skin tone. I used some Mac Full Coverage Foundation in White and a mascara spoolie to lighten her already white lashes and brows. I also used a combination of NYX Loose Pearl Shadows to highlight her skin with a tiny bit of Chromium pigment from Lunatick Cosmetics Labs. An inexpensive mud mask from Sally’s (or your local beauty supply) was used to create the crackle effect.

Annie web size_12

Annie web size_11

These two muted kaleidoscope images are so haunting. I was THRILLED to get these photos from Dave!

Annie web size_02

Annie web size_03

Annie web size_09

Annie web size_01

Photo: David Miller

Model: Annie Montgomery

Hair: Laura Buenrostro

Makeup/FX: Brittany Made Me Pretty





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