I’m very fortunate to be able to meet such creative and talented people. When I see the passion, hard work, and excitement each person brings to a shoot, I feel less useless. I know that sounds odd.  To be completely honest, I feel like a loser sometimes. I’m 27, I quit a steady job to see where makeup (not so steady) might take me. Most of the people I know seem to be at a completely different (comfortable) spot in their lives, like I’m falling behind some imaginary schedule. I stand by the decisions I’ve made in my life and career, and I would do it again… but sometimes I DO wonder, WTF am I doing?!? Like right now, 1 in the morning writing to the internets because I can’t sleep thinking about this halloween, the upcoming bridal season, how can I network more???


On a small creative shoot like this one, when I see a hairstylist stepping in to help with lighting, or the photographer help with wardrobe, that’s when I feel like I’m not the only one chasing these elusive images dancing in my head. That final photo, whatever the subject matter, is the most rewarding. It may seem pointless, all the labor, all the planning, all the hassle for that ONE shot. The shot that takes a split second to capture. That’s when it all seems kind of worth it. I remember when I was 17 looking at images on Model Mayhem. Back then, I thought I wanted to model and be made pretty for pictures. I didn’t know I wanted to make pretty pictures. I’m still chasing pictures. Lunatic.

photo 4

Foundation: MAC Full Coverage

Brows: MAC Acrylic Paint in White

Shadows: Morphe and MAC

Lips: Lunatick Cosmetic Labs in Pout-Off! 

photo 5

I’m not the best, I just do my best. I ramble because I want to share anything I learn, makeup or life stuff. Maybe it will help someone figure something out along the way. Maybe it will spark some inspiration for someone to create something. I don’t know. Mainly, if I don’t get it out, the people closest to me will have to hear me go on about the same makeup/art nonsense I always do. At least here you have a choice to continue reading or disdainfully roll your eyes and close out this window. Either way, I’m not even mad. If you’ve ever laid eyes on even a single word on this blog, our souls are now bound and there is no reversing what has been done. I love you. I now pronounce you husband and wife.


Photo: Amazaday The Great

Model: Ashley Forte

Hair: Wendy Diaz

Makeup: Brittany Made Me Pretty

Dress Design: Tracy Herold



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