Moon Crisis: A Sailor Moon Tribute Art Show

If  you’re a Sailor Moon fan and didn’t make it to the Moon Crisis Tribute show, there is still time! I love these types of events. People dress up, Artists you like display their work, and this time it all revolved around Sailor Moon. It’s just fun and what other time can you wear a crescent moon on your head and be accepted by a large group of people?


I was excited for a few artists. Glenn Arthur being the first. If you haven’t checked him out yet, NOW is the time. Very whimsical, very romantic art. I wish I could paint like him.



This pic below is one from his Instagram.


Ann Marcellino is another artist I was excited to see in real life. All of her work is very fantastical and I love it!




10177278_734409699942802_6578228352571671761_nI didn’t get a pic of the Queen Beryl piece so I pulled this from her Facebook. It must be seen! Such sadness as Beryl witnesses their love. I understand her darkness.


Babs Tarr makes me wish I was a badass like all her drawings ;/ see my greatest desire here. p.s. the piece below is actually my FB cover photo. do want.


Last but surely not least, I encountered Zambicandy‘s art for the first time and loved her Moony Uni’s. I bought a print… first one of the night she said. Now all I have to do is get  a frame for my beautiful ponies.


It took me a while to notice BUT all the Sailor Scouts are Unicorns while Sailor Moon and Chibi are Pegasus (Pegasi?) with a sweet little gold crescent adorning their foreheads all the while Tuxedo Mask is a noble black steed with his signature red rose held lightly in his teeth. Well played ❤


She had so many pretty pieces! I wanted to buy so much from everybody but couldn’t because poverty ;(

1554620_10152426420909017_1750571972274232788_nThese made me lol. Such lolz. Thank you Dustin Myer. I regret not buying these prints.




Lastly I found my wedding dress by Creature of Habit. Such a site for sore eyes.





The show runs through 8/30/14 so go if you’re a fellow moonhead! That concludes this week’s edition of Brittany Made Me Pretty, be sure to tune in next week for another random collection of things I like to spew words about. Until then,




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