Decaying Beauty Details


I met these lovely ladies at the My Beauty Mark Runway Competition a couple weeks ago. I was fortunate enough to get involved in an Instagram collab with this group soon after! Each of these girls is so talented, I’m sure you can see just from this image! We all decided on the same Decaying Beauty theme and it was awesome to see the different interpretations from each artist. You MUST check out all of these ladies on Facebook or Instagram. Clockwise from top right: Dominique LDR, Hortencia Garcia, Priscilla Castro-Preciado, …Me o_O

BMMP_Decay1 copy

I picked up the crackle effect technique from Nikki Lopez at the PhamExpo last year. Such a cool effect! It’s been in the back of my mind since the expo! When everyone decided on Decaying Beauty, I knew EXACTLY what I wanted to do, kind of.

BMMP_Decay2 copy

You can achieve the crackle effect with any kind of clay mask. When it dries, it cracks! Here are most of the products I used on the decaying side.

BMMP_Decay4 copy

The right side of my face was feeling pretty fabulous after  I washed everything off  😉




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