Claremont Zombie Run


Where to even begin with the Claremont Zombie Run (further known as CZR)? I’m a list maker. My initial list and plan of attack was thrown out the window in the very early stages of planning the makeup portion of CZR. Countless lists were made to replace the first. Some hand written, some quickly and incorrectly typed in to my phone’s notes, many lost. Just as most of my plans, what ended up happening on the actual day was far different than what I had foreseen. Here’s the simple list I should have started with.

MUA Volunteers:


J6 Events, the company putting this whole shindig together, had to find MUA volunteers. Through My Beauty Mark Makeup Academy and all the lovely volunteers that heard about CZR through some other medium, we got plenty of people. CHECK

Zombie Assembly Line:


To get through a couple hundred zombies quickly, we planned a quick 3 part zombie. Airbrush contour, Blood Scab Wound, and a quick Blood Splatter. This then lead to an assembly line with 3 stations for the fore mentioned zombie features. CHECK

Zombie Makeup:


To keep costs for makeup supplies low, we decided to create our own makeup. I spent a few weeks configuring different airbrush makeup concoctions as well as blood proportions and blood scab consistency. Pre-made, pro grade FX makeup is EXPENSIVE! If anyone needs to make their own airbrush makeup (not using water and glycerin) we mixed Ben Nye LiquiSet with a pigment from TKB Trading. 1:1 proportions. Blood was made with Chocolate Syrup and red food dye til desired consistency and color. Blood Scab was made with toothpaste (so it dries crusty, YUM) and red food color. A fellow MUA told me about the toothpaste trick through the internets, I never met her but thank you for the help!


You can imagine how delicious our zombies smelled,  like brain craving York Peppermint Patties running around covered in chocolate and minty toothpaste. PS- If I smell either on of those items again I will gag… every morning is a struggle when I brush my teeth… CHECK

Zombie Mermaid:


I was asked to do a zombie demo for the event… it had to be a mermaid. All makeup was hand painted using Wolfe FX Monster Palette.


All credit for the costume goes to Tracy Herold and Genevieve Gantney!! These 2 ladies always blow my mind with their creations! Tracy constructed the beautiful bra and Genevieve designed the fin (with foot opening for easy standing access).


Linda was my gracious model that sat in 100 degree weather wearing a body-con, black spandex mermaid fin. Thank you and sowwy. CHECK


We brought Marisa on board to add cupcakes to the mix because why not? She even brought the beautiful donut cupcakes, mmmmm! CHECK

Excitement Overload:

Screen Shot 2014-05-08 at 11.16.05 AM

I JUST saw this! Daily Bulletin covered our Zombie Orientation a week before the event, CHECK IT OUT. This was a very important orientation for all the “zombies.” Such things were discussed like 1. How nimble are the zombies of CZR… The Walking Dead- Slow, 28 Days Later- Fast, or Resident Evil- Ultra-Fast? 2. Can CZR zombies work together in groups to attack a single runner? We all know how good zombies are with organized activity. For some reason I thought the orientation was going to be serious, Daily Bulletin was going to be there, this was legit business! I was super nervous and caught up in the planning side that I forgot, THIS IS FREAKIN AWESOME AND FUN! Reality check. Pretty stoked… CHECK


Thank you to J6 Events for brining me on board for this event, it was a great experience. Such a large scale event I never thought I’d be able to handle! Thank you to all the volunteers for your time and efforts. Thank you to everyone that stopped by to say hi and show support. Thank you to mermaids, zombies, and donuts. Here’s a sweaty pic of me. That’s a wrap!


PS- all the good quality photos in this post were from Kersti Kooiman 🙂


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