Batted Lashes

It’s a necessity for any makeup artist to carry a variety of lashes. I was spending way too much money at local boutiques who mark up their prices, I’m cheap so it actually kind of hurt.  If you haven’t discovered Allied Trading for inexpensive (less than $1) bulk lashes, you must! Super stoked with my purchase, great price, and they were delivered the next day. Added these new styles to my kit and I couldn’t be more excited 🙂 I found my pot of gold and wanted to share the spoils.


These first 4 pairs of lashes are some of my favorites for a soft, natural look. Not too dense, the base of the lashes are spaced out as to keep the lash line open and visible. Light, airy lashes to add a little bit of whimsy.


If I’m looking for a little more volume, I like these guys. Still enough fringe on the ends to keep them from looking overly dramatic. The base of the lash is a bit more close-knit to darken and define the eye.


AND THEN! I like these lashes for a wide-eyed, wispy look. The spacing between the hair clusters keeps the lashes from being too dense and dramatic. They are long and fringy enough to add glamour and define the eye. PLUS, these lashes are winged out at the ends to help elongate the shape. All of the lashes I bought are on the beauty side of the spectrum. I have yet to purchase “the drama.” Those will come soon. Aaaaaaaaand, I haven’t even started thinking about the stacking combinations…


I found this helpful post from Michelle Phan about choosing lashes for your eye shape. A poor lash application/choice can KILL a beautiful makeup if it doesn’t complement the eye of the beholder. Know your stuff! Check it out 🙂




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  2. Kenya Jackson

    can you email me prices for the eyelashes that are on the photos above… I love the 747 and 217

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