Ladies of the Night

I wanted to do a quick post on covering brows and couldn’t decide if I wanted to be Vampira or Elvira to do it. I’d definitely need to cover mine to be either. If you have small eyes or not a ton of lid/brow space to do some cool makeup, try covering your brows to give you that extra play room. You can cover brows with a glue stick but I love brow wax so much more, so heres how to do it with wax!


  • Start off with clean dry brows. No moisturizer allowed! Adhesive won’t last as long if it’s not applied directly to skin/hair. Apply spirit gum to entire brow. With a spatula (I actually used a popsicle stick) flatten all hairs down as much as possible. Brow will be shiny from glue and VERY tacky. See top, left image
  • Roll a small amount of brow wax into a worm and apply to spirit gum. You can cover your entire brow or just a portion of it depending on your what you’re going for.  See top, right image. The top 4 images are for a partial brow cover. The bottom 2 are the end result of a full brow cover.
  • Flatten wax onto brow with spatula (or popsicle stick). The purpose of the wax is to get rid of the hair texture so make sure the wax is really smooth and the hair texture is gone. See middle, left image
  • Lightly scrape away excess wax with spatula. Edges of wax should seamlessly blend into your skin. The brow should be free of any texture and be as thin as possible, no LSPs please. Completely cover with wax sealer. See middle, right image
  • To conceal the blueish tint of the hair, use an orange beard cover or orange cream makeup. See bottom, left image
  • Set with powder HEAVILY. Lightly dust away any excess powder. If you can still see the darkness of the hair through the orange, repeat bead cover. If you can’t, on to foundation!! See bottom, right image
  • If you use spirit gum, make sure you have a remover to take it off! Hair can easily get ripped out if you don’t!!


Here’s my attempt at the Mistress of the Dark! This is a full brow cover. My actual brow is just under the drawn one. Covering takes time and practice, mine still come out really lumpy 😦


Here is Vampira. This is the partial cover. The front of the brow is my hair, I used it as a starting point for the drawn brow. And if you wanna be a chola…



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