Sugar Skull

Sugar and spice and everything DEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAD!


  • I started out with a white pencil, tracing the hallow parts of the face (eyes, cheek bones, and nose)
  • I highlighted the areas around the eyes, right above the cheek bones, and covered lips with white cream foundation. I contoured the rest with black shadow around the eyes and black face paint in the nose and below the cheek bones. See top, left image.
  • To create the detail in the teeth, I used a very thin liner brush and black face paint. I rounded out the teeth where they meet at the inside of the mouth but made them pointed on the opposite ends. See top, right image
  • Fill in the inside of the lips to really define the teeth shape. Contour brows, cheeks, teeth, and temples with a dark grey shadow. See bottom, left image
  • You can stop here and be a skull OR you can add any kind of detail to make it a sugar skull. I added a bit of blush to the cheeks. Also added a purple petal design around the eyes. Spider web, cross, and some rhinestones BOOM sugar skull!


Thank you to Tanya for taking these pictures!! This one behind-the-scenes she caught was my favorite. Ryan’s wearing a dress on her head because her big frizzy headed sister told her to. Some things just don’t change. #imbossy



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