Voodoo Girl

Tim Burton’s Voodoo Girl  from The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy and Other Stories inspired this look.


I used Nose and Scar Wax for the seams and a tiny bit of Stuffing for her split cheek.



  • Apply spirit gum where you want a seam. Tap glue with finger until tacky.
  • Roll a small amount of scar wax into a long skinny worm and place directly on top of spirit gum to adhere to skin.
  • Lightly blend edges of wax into the skin with finger or spatula. See top, left pic
  • Seal with wax sealer.
  • Apply foundation to entire face. I used a large sponge to cover more area quickly, but avoided the seams so I wouldn’t irritate or disrupt the shape. See top, right pic.
  • I used a small foundation brush to fill in the area around the seams. See bottom, left pic.


  • To deepen the seams, apply a small amount of grey shadow above and below with a small dense natural hair brush.
  • I painted stitches over the seams with black Mehron water activated paint and a small detail/liner brush.
  • To adhere the stuffing to the open seam, apply a small amount of spirit gum in the opening, tap with finger until tacky, then place a small amount of stuffing onto glue. Carefully stitch up the opening. See images below


  • You can add mixing medium to pigments and create tears OR you can use glycerin instead. Thanks for the knowledge My Beauty Mark 😉 I also found this tutorial with step by step instructions on how to make your own mixing medium.

Final look with stitches and tears are below!!

Enjoy! B




  1. Courtney Lear

    Amazing! How do you keep the white foundation looking so white and crisp? Mine always seems to wash out. I’d love to know what products I SHOULD be using or any tips or tricks to make the cheapy stuff work better, cause my generic crap doesn’t seem to be working the way I’m using it!

    • brittbrutal

      Thanks lady! I used mac’s full coverage cream foundation in white. I applied it with a sponge in a stippling pattern. If you wipe the foundation it will leave streaks. I also set the cream with that white goth powder HT used to sell. Any translucent or white powder will work though 🙂

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