Boomin the Zombeans!

It’s October and I’ve decided to do a Halloween takeover! The rise of Brittany Made Me Creepy. Every post this month will be devoted to costume ideas and makeup! Enjoy the first fangtastic look focusing on textured skin and wounds. ^V^


Meet Alex the zombie. Easy makeup using tissue, cotton, latex, and nose and scar wax. Find how I created the textures/wounds below:

  • Eye-  Adhere torn up pieces of 2 ply tissue in shape of desired wound with latex. Once the tissue is stuck, layer more latex until it is completely saturated. Let dry, then lift edges to create dimension and depth to your wound. See top, left image
  • Boils- Roll tiny spheres of nose and scar wax and adhere to skin with spirit glue. Place clustered together and lightly flatten to create a gnarly patch of boils. #ew See top, right image
  • Rotten Skin- Shred a cotton ball into a thin layer. Adhere to skin using latex creating craters and holes as you place the cotton. Coat cotton with more latex until completely saturated. Let dry, then lift and tear holes in the cotton to give wounds depth. See bottom, left image


I filled the holes with Ben Nye Fresh Scab. I also made this zombie some wittle maggot friends out of nose and scar wax to chill in his face. #party

All color was Ben Nye Grease Paint Color Wheels and the blood was from Naimie’s but I don’t remember what kind. ALSO for all the IE makeup fiends looking for some Ben Nye, I highly suggest paying a visit to Fun Corner in San Bernardino! They carry the entire Ben Nye line 🙂 Side note- with all the Spirit and Halloween stores open, it’s a good time to stock up on latex and spirit gum. Stay creepy.




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