SHOW AND TELL: What’s In My Kit?

Basically, I love organizing my kit, I got some cool new stuff, and this post is an excuse for me to take pictures of it. Hope it helps someone, somewhere building, organizing, or revamping their kit! It’s gonna get makeup nerdy real quick.

The ZUCA… comes with 5 large removable, clear plastic pouches. It has 3 outside pockets on either side of the case, and a couple small pockets on the back of the case. Inside the door are 2 more clear plastic zip pockets and a mesh net pocket. The entire inside of the case is completely hollow. The top of the inside of the case is lined with a mesh net that acts as a pocket as well. I’m not a fan of loose thingamabobs roaming around my kit, so the amount of storage this case offers for it’s size is what attracted me to it. It has wheels, it’s compact, it has a long retractable handle, and it fits perfectly in my trunk. No, this is not a Zuca sponsored ad.


I use the outside pockets mainly for paperwork (contracts, inspiration pix, business cards). The door pockets are used to hold powder puffs, sponges, and makeup wipes. My case is kinda like a mullet, business on the outside, party on the inside.


The 5 removable plastic pouches contain (I only carry pouches #1 and #2 at all times, the rest are interchangeable depending on the job):

  1. Skin Care- Moisturizer, Primers, Eye Cream, Finishing Spray, Refreshing Spray, Travel Size Foundations and Setting Powders
  2. Tools and Accessories- Mascara Wands, Lip Gloss Applicators, Qtips, Tissue, Hand Sanitizer, Eye Drops, Scissors, Tweezers, Carmex, Tape, Travel Size spray bottles of Alcohol and Brush Cleaner
  3. Airbrush Makeup- Natural Colors, Fantasy Colors, Airbrush Gun
  4. SpecialFX Makeup- Blood, Grease Paint Color Wheels, Glycerine, Spirit Gum, Latex, Scar Wax, FX Colored Powders, Adhesive Removers, Water Activated Paint Palette
  5. Foundations- I carry a small palette of foundations in pouch #1. Pouch #5 holds the bulk of my foundations. This pouch normally stays at home. Don’t feel bad for her, she’s an introvert.

**Possibly doing a post about each pouch to give more details about product… We’ll see**


I have 4 Z Palettes, 2 Shadow (48 shadows) and 2 Blush (16 blushes). I originally had 7 other palettes… I was able to condense the same amount of product into these $!! The magnets are strong and you can easily take out the shadows to clean or reorganize a palette. My life is seriously simpler because of these things.


I have 1 large lip palette that holds 24 lipsticks and 3 mini palettes with an additional 15 lipsticks. I have a small clear pouch for my glosses, and a long clear pouch for my pencils (I’m able to fit the small palettes in the pencil pouch, that’s 3 compartments for all those lip products)!


I keep a small clear pouch for lashes, lash glue, mascara, and liner.


All of my powders are kept in a long clear pouch. This one normally stays home too since I have travel size containers of powder in pouch #1.


Last but not least, I have a brush canister. I usually only use this container to keep dirty brushes separate from the clean brushes in my belt. It makes clean up super easy too, put a lid on the dirty brushes and go!

There are a ton of different brands that make different versions of all of the products I mentioned above. I highly suggest paying a visit to Naimie’s, Nigel’s, or Frend’s if you are in the LA area; or you can always shop online. Try different products til you find what works for you. When you have a work station set up the way your brain naturally puts things in order, you’ll feel much more comfortable creating and working. Or I’m as nuts as I have always suspected and this just works for me.



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