PHAMExpo… Day2

I worked the second day of PHAMExpo at the My Beauty Mark Makeup Academy booth. I recently accepted an instructing position with the team and I was beyond excited to work with them at the Expo! Our makeup theme for the weekend was Futuristic. Then I started thinking… and Alien Unicorn was born.



This was the result! Galaxy meets Lisa Frank meets Sailor Moon (see the reverse tiara, total Freudian Slip) meets My Little Pony. I taped off the forehead to create that sharp edge. Everything was done with eyeshadows, except for the color in the hair. #blendblendblend

IMG_6364 copy

My lovely model Berkley actually picked out the lip combo and it was fantastic! Engraved Liner, Cyber Lipstick on the outer corners, and Violetta Lipstick in the center. Dusted a little bit of LA Splash Glitter in Lilac Lily over the top. LOVE ❤
IMG_7062 copy

I airbrushed a bit of the color into her hair. She totally looked like a My Little Pony with her colorful braid!


I also did a completely different look on my second model since I went crazy on the first one. Something SUPER natural but still pretty. BTW Wispy lashes are my FAVE!!! Dramatic enough to not be too soft without looking over done. Complex description. B

IMG_7936 copy



  1. Tracy

    Dang girl, that’s just eyeshadow?! I thought you airbrushed her whole face. This is my favorite look, by far. From anyone, anywhere.

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