PHAMExpo… Day 1

I haven’t posted in a couple weeks!!! Now I’m situated back in CA and ready to go, no more messing around. Let’s talk makeup conventions, specifically PHAMExpo!! Great deals on great brands, opportunities to meet and chat with fellow artists, new products to test  out, aaaaand if you’re like me you gawk at all the artists you follow on Instagram. There’s one more day to catch the expo so get down there on Sunday, I’ll be there working at the My Beauty Mark booth 😉

BMMP_DD copy

The main reason I wanted to go to this expo was because I wanted to hear what Doe Deere had to say about her start with Lime Crime. Everything about the brand makes you pay attention to it and I honestly get so excited to see what they come up with next. A couple things I was really happy to hear:

1. She tried a corporate job, a clothing line, and a band before she successfully started Lime Crime at the age of 27. There is still hope for me yet. She put everything she had into her makeup with no holding back. She made things happen with no formula as to how, or any steps to make something work. She imposed her will and I dig it.

2. Not that I have haters… But Doe touched on people and their negative BS in response to her putting herself, her handwork, and her art out there for the world to see. She put it this way, Having Anger Towards Everyone Reaching Success. A lot of times I see people my age (or even worse, younger) doing really cool stuff, starting their own clothing lines, designing cool graphics, starting successful blogs, artists doing big things and making a living doing it. I immediately get so angry that I haven’t done anything great and realize I’m hating on myself! I have so many things I want to accomplish, create, and achieve that I forget about how things take time! Once in a while I need to take a breath, use that hate fire to fuel my ambition, and keep moving forward.

Enough of the emo rant. I went shopping and got some cool stuff.


I have to mention Z Palette!! I don’t know why I waited so long to try these, I love them. I hate carrying a bunch of stuff around. With these I’m able to carry 2 palettes (1 shadow and 1 blush) and be good to go! The lid is clear, it can open and lay completely flat, and the magnets are strong. Worth the investment!

Babette from Lime Crime! Cute peachy lipstick comes out July 15… get it. There they go with that freakishly cute marketing again.

BMMP_Babette copy

Sooo my mind was blown. That’s a cat shaped palette ring. It’s fashionable and functional. Paw Palette had hearts, diamond, lips, lipstick, and gun rings too! OH!! They also come magnetic so you can put shadow palettes or hair pins on your ring or wrist cuff! Definitely work checking out!




I normally stock up on Nigel’s lashes at these shows since they are discounted so much. These were 15 for $20. Basically that’s 20 dollars divided by 15 lashes and that equals CHEAP!!!


I hardly ever buy anything for my personal use, it’s typically for my kit, but I saw this case online a while back and had to have it once I saw it in person. It’s all about cute Tupperware.


I grabbed a little Monda set bag from Naimie’s. After working on a short film (can’t wait to talk about that experience) I realized I needed one. Has a few spots to hold brushes and a few pockets to hold the necessities. I feel much better now.


Lastly, a few brushes! I really like the couple brushes I have from Royal Brush currently so I grabbed a few different kinds. With that last bit of info, I am off to bed and back to the Expo tomorrow… Don’t quit your daydream. -Doe Deere




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