Mermaids, and Devils, and Marie Antoinette OH MY!

With this week being my last in CT, I had to do some last minute fun-shoots with Lost Highway Imaging. We had planned on doing a few concept shoots when we first met but never got around to it… well there’s no time like the present! Monday and Tuesday were so much fun… and so exhausting. Lots of time went in to hair and makeup and from what I’ve seen just from the camera, these pictures are going to look awesome! Just wanted to share a few pix I snapped while holding the reflector (that’s my other job). Beth, you rock!!


There are 2 loofas under that pile of hair!! I felt like Hair Madness by Laura making hair all cooll and stuff πŸ™‚ Beth also made these fake cupcake props, get out. Thanks to model BethΒ  for being our muse, she was also about 7 feet tall in heels with that hair!


My friend Genevieve made this “Fintastic” tail! (She’s a talented designer! If anyone wants her contact info let me know!!) Stephanie was a trooper letting me cover her brows and laying out there on that rock in the cold breeze! She even managed to attract a group of fisherman πŸ˜‰


Then there’s the love of my professional life, Lauren. The pretty little She Devil. Hauntingly beautiful! I can’t wait to share these pix!!!

Sooo happy to have worked with and met everyone here! I learned so much from each person. I wish nothing but the best to my new friends and hope they work their butts off to get to their dreams. And don’t worry…


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