Party Like It’s Prom Night!

Once upon a time I was 12 (Though it may look like that wasn’t long ago, it was. My oily skin has preserved this face). I used to babysit a few of my neighbors’ kids. What would I do to entertain 3 young girls? Do their makeup and have photo shoots, duh. I would collect random country inspired decor from around the house (My Mom= Country Living) and create some kind of vignette and have the girls sit in front of the display and pose while I took pictures with a disposable camera. However terrible your mental image is right now, it was actually much worse. But we were having fun! I was a baby Creative Director! I remember one time in particular I asked these kindergartners if I could do their makeup for prom someday when we all grow up. Begging them would be more accurate. Of course they said yes, we were kids. Lo and behold! Time flies and they are now grown up! The baby of the group went to prom a couple weeks ago and I wanted to share some of the images because I love them!


This was seriously one of the most fun, kick back makeup gigs ever! The weather was freakin perfect, our families were BBQ-ing in the backyard, it was awesome. Chips and salsa were also involved.



BTW, she has way better style at 17 than I ever did! Look at her dress… Sparkly Melon Jeweled Cuteness!

BMMP_Ang_Prom copy


Just had to show last year’s prom pix of her older sister and friend! Having the opportunity to be there for these girls and do their makeup for such a fun part of their youth has been awesome! They are beautiful and I love them 🙂 Prom girls, where you at?!


Photo by Kersti Kooiman Photography

BMMP_Prom_DeliaPhoto by Kersti Kooiman Photography



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