5 Day Makeup Challenge

MAC 5 Day Makeup Challenge!! I’ll be posting the final photo on Instagram and the how to bit here in case anyone wants to see. Follow me! @brittbrutal


Day 1

Liner Focus

10 Min

Products: Black Creme Liner, 210 Brush, Engraved Pencil, 219 Brush, Swiss Chocolate Shadow, 217 Brush

How To:

  • Use 210 brush, Water, and Creme Liner to create wing. Liner can be as thick, thin, long or short as you like. I tend to start really thin on the inner corner and thicker towards the outer corner since I have small eyes. Too thick of a line really closes off my eye.
  • Line water line and bottom lash line with engraved, then smudge with a 219 brush.
  • With the smallest amount of Swiss Chocolate I blended the bottom liner with a 217 brush.

What It Do:

I heard about the challenge yesterday… at my first Update in the NY Showroom… OMG. I used to envy artists I knew or followed on the internets getting to see upcoming product and trends before the world. To be so deeply involved with product and know what makes things work. It was exciting and I wanted to be a part of it!

I never thought I’d be doing makeup for a living, let alone working for MAC. When I began freelancing for the company  I couldn’t believe someone thought I had the potential to be a MAC girl (not to mention I was pretty sure I botched the interview because I was SO sick, ew). I used to look up to the girls and guys at the Montctlair Nordstrom counter. That’s where I bought my first lip glass… Oyster Girl if I recall correctly. The job looked fun! Makeup, fun marketing, cool events, and art art art art art! The journey’s only begun. Don’t quit on your goals!!

I’m pretty sure my 14 yr old, frizzy headed self would high-five present day me pretty hard right now. What?! I didn’t know how to properly use a flat iron back then. You gotta get the curly root girl!

PS. This is me in NY every time. Hi! How are you! Ow nice shoes! This is really good coffee! (Santa was right, just sayin’).




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