Brow Lab: Setting Gel

BMMP_FinalSetHere is the final installment of January brows! I have a bunch of fun wedding stuff to share and couldn’t wait to get this post out.

Aside from shadows, creams, and pencil products out there; I’m sure you are all familiar with gel products. They come in a variety of shades, from clear for a very subtle look, to dark brown with much more pigment. They also have much more hold, think of them as the max hold hairspray of the brow grooming bunch. Gels do dry hard like a hair gel. Too much product can get flakey.

The pigmented gels are fun to play with because you get to totally change the tint of your brow easily and temporarily. Below, I used Girl Boy Brow Set from MAC. I would usually choose Beguile (it’s much more of an ash brown), but the store I went to was all out… and I was desperate. SO, you can tell the gel has a reddish tone which isn’t my fave on myself… but just to give you the idea!


  1. Natural Brow
  2. Girl Boy- Just kicks off the depth of the black from my brow. Comb through the hairs, try to avoid brushing all the way to the skin. Brows will begin to look cakey.
  3. To clean up any smudges from the gel spoolie, I cleaned up the edges with a concealer.
  4. All set! Concealer is blended out into my foundation. Ta Da!

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