Brow Lab: Pencil

BMMP_BrowPencilI’ve been going back and forth between 2 brow pencils for the past couple weeks. Maybelline Master Shape pencil in Deep Brown, and MAC Veluxe Brow Liner in Deep Dark Brunette. Both come in an array of natural shades, have a spoolie on one end to groom the brows, and are regular pencils that need to be sharpened.

My suggestion for finding the best match is to go a shade or 2 lighter than your hair color. It looks the most natural and softens any harsh contrast against your complexion. ALSO, ladies with beautiful blue black hair, IF YOU’RE GOING FOR A NATURAL LOOK, I recommend a dark brown shade for brows. Black can be so harsh against the skin and actually age your appearance (GUILTY!! I loved me some black brows with black hair… now I look back on those pictures and hate my friends for never telling me.).


I was originally most excited about the Maybelline pencil. It was a darker brown, and has less red pigment. It is very waxy in texture and holds brow hairs in place.

The MAC pencil is a bit lighter in color and has a tad more red pigment. The texture of this pencil is almost velvety! I wasn’t too thrilled with the color since my brows are so dark the red hint looked off putting. The texture of this pencil is awesome though!

I ended up really liking MAC only for the texture and finish. The lightness of the product was perfect, it left my brows the most natural looking because you could still see the hairs. It’s that red tint that drove me crazy! The Maybelline pencil just got caked up. See images below for examples of products applied exactly the same way.

  1. My natural brow
  2. Combed through and a light feathering of the pencil just to fill in the gaps. The lightest pressure will do the trick! For a no fuss brow you can stop here.
  3. For a little more definition, I underlined my brow and defined the tail end much more drastically.

Maybelline Master Shape


MAC Veluxe Brow LinerBMMP_MACbrow

  1. For someone who wants a very sharp, defined brow, outline the brow with a concealer using your favorite flat brush. Get as close to the edge of your brow as possible to create a clean edge. This also allows you to create a very distinct tail end to your brow.
  2. Blend concealer away. I typically do eyes/brows first then apply the rest of my foundation, but there is no right or wrong, everyone’s got their own way of doing things, and it’s all good to me! B




  1. Must Have Boxes

    Great tips! I don’t usually put concealer around my brows, but it might be something fun to try if I’m going for a more dramatic look. And I totally agree about going a shade lighter for your brows. I have naturally jet black hair and a dark brown pencil works best.

    – KW

  2. blendtousletease

    Love the entire Brow Lab Series! Really awesome idea, and you’re not cramming all different types of products into 1 post but breaking it down to get more information through.. Nice work girl! xx

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