Brow Lab: Cream Products

BMMP_BrowCreamI was going to post this on my usual Wednesday schedule BUT I just paid Target a visit and they had this little Sonia Kashuk Brow Kit on sale for $5.99!

BMMP_Blonde BMMP_Brunette BMMP_Black

I was fortunate enough to have a blonde, medium brown, and black haired client just after I bought the pallet who so graciously allowed me to take before and after “brow” photos. This is a cream/wax product to my surprise! I used it to underline the brow and fill in the tail end using an angled brush. The product kept the hairs nicely in place. I like to use different shades in the brows, lightest on the inner corners and darkest on the tail end, to keep them from looking flat and drawn on. I used shadows to fill in the rest of the brow leaving the inner corners as natural as possible. Omega (blonde), Charcoal Brown (medium brunette), Brun (dark brown/black), and Folie (red)

I wasn’t able to test the red color but from what I’ve seen so far, I really like the pallet. It is staying in my kit! Sweet find, thanks Target!!



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