Brow Lab: Brushes


When it comes to filling in brows, a small dense brush will give you the best precision for the small area in between hairs. The type of brush you use is mainly based on preference!

  • Eyeliner Brush- If you like to use a cream to underline your brows, and are looking for a very defined edge, this brush may be worth trying! The same brush you would use for your liquid eyeliner.
  • Flat Brush- The dense, flat edge the bristles are cut in to will give you a clean edge whether you are using powder or cream products.
  • Angled Brush- This is my favorite brow brush. It’s application is very similar to the Flat Brush, but I feel with the tapered bristles you get a little bit more of a fluid application. You can press firmly to create a thicker line and let up on the pressure to create a soft, winged tail towards the end of your brow. This brush can be used for powder and cream products as well.

I REALLY like the S.I.L.K. Pro line of brushes from Royal & Langnickel. Definitely worth checking out if you geek out on brushes πŸ™‚ Next week’s rant? Cream vs Powder brow products!



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