Makeup Explosion


Sorry for the belated Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! I’ve been meaning to share some inspiration I found on Instagram. These face charts by @asakarlsten are mind boggling! I’ve been looking at these images for the past few weeks and my mind goes racing!

I feel like I have a rolodex in my brain of images I come across. Saving everything for a future project. I have so much I want to accomplish this year as far as makeup goes, I guess my resolution can only be described as “explode makeup in every way possible!” I’m working on my site, I want to book more weddings, I have the opportunity to work at a salon, I found photographer friends that embrace my crazy ideas… I feel lightning in my finger tips. I want to smash this year!

I hope everyone else has dreams big enough to make them think, “Who do I think I am trying to do all this?”



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