Halloween War Paint

A friend of mine requested a simple war paint look that’s easy on the bank and user friendly.  I came across these cartoon girls with their faces painted up all cute and I wanted to recreate their look. For the LIFE OF ME I cannot find the website I saw these girls from. I’m sorry I can’t provide a link!!! I’ll keep looking and post when I find it! The 2 looks are Neutral and Neon.

  • For the neutral look, I did a brown smokey eye, natural pink lip and white face paint design (the face paint is a kid’s washable paint set, $3 from any craft store).
  • For the neon look, I added yellow and hot pink shadow under my eye and dragged it out to my hair line. Blue green lips and bright face paint.

You can do any type of eyeshadow look you feel comfortable in and do any face paint color combo! Make it your own.

When I finished this video, I envisioned a glam warpaint look with sequins and gems… and mmmm glitter!


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