Happy Cleaning

Here’s just a quick tip on brush cleaner, what I use, and how not to waste it… it’s expensive!

  • I use Cinema Secrets brush cleaner, it sanitizes and removes makeup. It doesn’t contain as much alcohol as some other cleaners do, so it won’t dry out your bristles causing them to get brittle. Also, it dries pretty quickly!
  •  I use a small aluminum cup, a shot glass will work too (or any non paper/plastic cup… this will eventually soak right through it), to hold a small-extra tiny-splash of brush cleaner for small brushes like fluffy shadow, concealer, lip, and liner bushes. A little goes a long way!
  • To clean my big powder and blush brushes, I pour cleaner into a 2 oz. bottle and spray the brush. This will keep from using too much brush cleaner since the big brushes tend to soak up a lot of liquid.
  • Gently wipe brushes back and forth on a paper towel until all product is removed. Be careful not to disrupt the natural shape of the brush!



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