Lime Crime Mermaid Makeup Contest- I’m a FINALIST!

Lime Crime held a mermaid makeup look contest and I had to enter. Here is my initial sketch. Minimal and sort of alien.

This is how it turned out (I should have been born with rhinestones and glitter on my face). Glittery ombre blue lip. No She Didn’t from Lime Crime.

My look actually made it to the top 20 and is now up on Lime Crime FB for voting! If you take a sec to vote for my look by “Like”-ing the pic, I would be EXTREMELY happy! Sharing is caring, so if you like the look enough to share on FB, Twitter, Instagram, and other social mediums… THANK YOU. Vote HERE now… pretty please. oxxx B



  1. Peace Love and Glitter

    That’s so exciting! I will most definitely support my fellow beauty Blogger! Such a talent!

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  4. Jaclyn

    This feels like a ridiculous question but where did you find the sequins and shapes? i wanted to try something similar and cant find them even in the craft store!

  5. Natalie B

    I absolutely LOVE this look and am attempting to re-create it for Halloween. Do you have a video of how you did it//or colors that you used for your eyes etc?
    Thanks so much for the help!

    • brittbrutal

      aww thank you! I do not have a video unfortunately. I used a pastel turquoise and a pastel purple shadow on my eyes. I found glitter, sequins, and pearls from a local craft store. I glued all of them with clear duo lash glue (time consuming). The lip is No She Didn’t from Lime Crime. Hope this helps!! ❤

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