Farewell For Now Party

I don’t have a ton of pictures from my party YET… but I’ve been dying to share these. I stole most of them from a handful of instagrams (is that the correct plural form of instagram?).

I wore this awesome head piece my friend made! She sells them at deerheart.storenvy.com for anyone interested. I also wore a Manic Panic lipstick in Mod A Go Go but I don’t know if any pictures will turn up with me actually wearing it. It was a busy night and I didn’t reapply, sad.

There were Unicorn cake pops! Too bad I forgot to bring them out til a ton of people left. Sorry friends.

They were even purple on the inside, magic!

Old friends showed up…So did my new ones.The cool DJ!My super talented friend made a mermaid tail for me. A mermaid tail!! Thank you Genevieve!Then there are my cousins.Whom I love!And my Twin Star!! She’s another uber talented lady, see what I’m talking about on her blog.

Lots of fun with the photo back drop. Thank you to my beautiful friend Kersti Kooiman for taking all those pictures that night!

The night went by so fast! I had an amazing time though. So many people helped out and I am so thankful for them! Cheers! -B


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