My California Adventure

My time in CA is dwindling down and I still have a few bucket list items to check off, one obviously being Disneyland! Not a “I’m just going to go for a few hours” Disney trip. I’m talking about a “Get to the park when the gates open” kind of trip. I wanted to leave the park sun beaten, tired, and with blisters on my feet.

Normally I would go for function as far as makeup goes but since I wont be visiting again any time soon, I brought out the glitter, false lashes, and red lipstick! And my Little Mermaid tee.

Now to start the day off on a full belly, Mickey Mouse pancakes were required.

Off to the Wonderful World of Disney at 7:30 am! My ticket was definitely an omen for the amount of fantastic we had this trip.

First ride of the day, with only a 5 minute wait… The Little Mermaid. This was my first time on the ride so it was quite special. Even more special because I rode alongside an old friend (we actually “designed” this ride 10 yrs ago during drama class because we love the Little Mermaid so much and because we’re nerds)!

Just a few fun pictures of my friends and I on various rides. I couldn’t have been happier and my lipstick couldn’t have held up any better!

Lunch time was when the real magic started happening at Ariel’s Grotto. Before the meal was served we met Ariel. I know she’s not real but I busted a Buddy the Elf when I saw her.

She told me she liked my makeup and my shirt. She also called my phone a shellphone. I may be getting old but that little spark of kiddy magic was reignited with the magic of Disney. I’m getting emotional.

I had no idea Ariel’s Grotto was so nice and the food so delicious. Do yourself a favor and go.

The Princesses came out and greeted everyone. Couldn’t resist a photo op. (Cinderella said I looked like Jasmine #swoon)

I got my first pair of ears. Don’t ask me why I’ve lived in SoCal for 25 yrs and don’t own a pair.

Minnie and I had the same lipstick on!

The night ended with the fireworks show… actually the World of Color but my phone died and I didn’t get any pictures of it. Cinderella’s castle lit up at night is my favorite part of Disney and I always get choked up during the fireworks show! Dumbo flew over the castle this time. As I leave home and everyone I know, I’ll continue to follow my dreams and maybe even someday… this Dumbo will fly too!



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