Viva Vampira

Viva Vampira at Wonderand Gallery in LA was pretty rad! Since I’ll be leaving sunny southern California very soon, I had to make the night eventful. So before the exhibit, we headed over to Pink’s… regardless of the usual mile long line. This time we got lucky and the line wasn’t bad!

A couple spicy dogs and a boat load of girl talk later, we headed up La Brea to find parking… DUN DUN DUN! Lo and behold, no parking BUT it felt like an adventure since this would be the last time I face LA traffic on a Friday night. We eventually found a spot and it was free, I love free parking.

When we finally made it to the gallery there was a line out the door, past LA Ink, and around the corner. Looks like we’ll be waiting for another 45 min or so. That’s ok, time for more girl talk!

WE MADE IT IN and were greeted by these lovely ladies (who so kindly posed for a quick pic) handing out none other than, well, lady fingers!

The place was packed. I somehow have never been here before even though I’ve been dying to see this place. The décor is freaking awesome! The next few pictures are just so you get the gist of what I was drooling over (and I need inspiration for the new apartment)…

There was a huge crowd to push through to even get to the Vampira pictures. All of the images were back and white and had an eerie feel to them.They even had Vampira’s sunglasses! I think my favorite part of her look is her eye brows. You can clearly see where her natural brows are but she just ignores it and makes them bigger. I just love them!

Old TVs were displayed throughout the space playing Plan 9 From Outer Space! These ones were just static and kind of creepy…

ALSO! Jonny Coffin was there but I didn’t creep a picture of him because I thought that would be weird… But I did get a shot of Bela Lugosi Jr! This picture doesn’t make me creepy because he was already posing, just not for me.

To pay homage to all the Vampires in the world, I wore a Lost Boys tee and did a dark lip. Myth to Cyber Ombre to be exact.

The Vampira exhibit runs until Halloween so there is still time to check it out. The gallery alone is very cool and worth visiting. They have some really cool stuff for sale. Glassware, candle busts, books (a cool assortment of poets, artists, religious reads). The Kat Von D makeup line was on display on this awesome old wooden vanity.  Not to mention her clothing line! There was a little black dress I should go back and get…

On a final note, Kat Von D was present and the entire 2 hrs I was there, she was surrounded by a mob of fans waiting to take pictures with her, get books signed, give her gifts… and she never once looked tired. I was thoroughly impressed!



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