More Weekend Adventures

I worked one of the Hey Sailor MAC events over the weekend, it was pretty fun! The look for the day was a nautical blue eye and a red lip. I picked up Nautical Navy shadow and Send Me Sailing gloss from the new collection. Cutest nautical packaging!

I wore the gloss over Ruby Woo and it was such a bright, pretty red. I’d like to wear it again without the crazy blue eyes but a theme is a theme, and you have to stick to it!

Normally the MAC uniform is strictly black, but to kick up the sailor look, we wore 1 white piece of clothing. I love seeing every artists’ interpretation of a theme! All the girls looked so cute. Here’s my get up, thanks to Tracy I had a cool skirt!

To finish the night, I quickly (and carefully) brushed out that big teased knot on my head, my red lipstick, and changed into a much more comfortable outfit (including the boots I live in) and enjoyed a little Danzig at Irvine Meadows. Perfect way to end a hectic work day! B


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