When In Doubt, Go Nude

Last weekend I was Wonder Woman. I took on way too many things, as per usual. On top of that, it was Mother’s Day weekend, which always means some quality time needs to be allotted for.

I was in what one might call a “Pickle,” a very minute pickle. Saturday I was scheduled to work at MAC, so I had to be glamorous… but right after my shift, I was going to a show where there would be big, sweaty, angry boys moshing (not the time for glam red lips, or for me to wipe off my lipstick and have a stained mouth). I had to come up with a look worthy of MAC, yet still comfortable enough for a show. I hate wearing bold lipstick if I can’t touch it up or eat freely (any one else end up with lipstick on their chin after a bite into something..no, just me? ok, liar).

Thus came the nude lip… not just any nude lip. A defined, matte nude! I ditched the tinted lip balm and went with Myth and Stripdown from MAC. I used the same technique as the red lip I posted here. Dark line on the outside, smudge, and light lipstick in the middle.

Thank god I wore a nude to the show, it got pretty hot with all the moving bodies! Crappy iPhone video but it was fun!

The next day was all about mom so, with little sleep, we got up EARLY and had breakfast at Zeke’s (if you want some country fried goodness, go) and then headed to the hot sweaty Rose Bowl Flea Market (I picked up this little guy for myself). I’m telling you, a pretty lip with no fuss… nude is the way to go! -B



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