Friendship is Magic prt II

There were lots of ponies, they were all amazing! You seriously should go if you have the chance! These pictures do no justice.

Here are a few of my favorites. I didn’t get artists’ names for the first two ponies (sorry artists), but the Trojan Pony below is by Mikie Graham (Blamo). Even a little guy hiding in the eye!

Hime+You, 64Colors, Ana Bagayan, Miss Kika (from left to right)

Sket One, Chikuwaemil, 6%DokiDoki, Shojono Tomo (from left to right)

2 faves! Runner up “Goodnight, Sweet Dreams…XO” by J-ryu. Hauntingly beautiful.

My absolute favorite Pony was by Junie Moon (Blythe).

MLP Paintings

Snapped a few shots of my faves.

This one if from Chikuwaemil.

It was so much fun! Dress up, art, and good company. Thanks, Tracy! Friendship IS magic!



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