Friendship is Magic

My friend Tracy was invited to the opening night of the My Little Pony project this past Saturday night… and she asked me to be her +1! What are friends for?!

Of course I was going to dress up as one of the MLPs and after much deliberation, Princess Celestia was the pony for me. That means Tracy would be my dark counterpart, Luna. Now our planning and work begin!

Taking inspiration from Princess Celestia’s purple eyes and iridescent coat, I knew what I had to do. First, makeup would involve purple contacts, lots of iridescent glitter, and double stacked lashes. Just to get dramatic.

I had to get a wig, it’s a My Little Pony event! I just HAD to. Found this wig perfect for Celestia. I kept the outfit simple with a lucky find, this iridescent encrusted dress! Added some wings to the back of my jean jacket… the Princess IS a pegasus.

Tracy made me this awesome skirt!! I tried it on and instantly felt like a unicorn princess! Thanks Tracy oxxx

Ms. Hair Madness helped style this mile long wig! Costumes are seriously a team effort. I have the best friends! ❤

After all the primping and prepping, we finally made it to the event!

There was a vendor table for, unicorn horns and pony ears for all!

They were even handing out cake pops decorated with all the ponies’ cutie marks.

Now, I was having doubts about getting dressed up. I typically don’t like being the center of attention but I couldn’t pass up the excuse to buy and wear an ombre wig. To my surprise that night, there were so many girls in colorful wigs and crazy outfits. I fit right in with all the weirdos, and I loved it! This girl in the picture below made this awesome decked out denim jacket. So many creative outfits, it was a dream!!

I even ran into my twin from a parallel universe. She had a light up horn, I think she was from the future.

There is so much more to post! I haven’t even got to all of the amazing art that was being showcased! If you get the chance to go, check it out! It’s running through 5/26 so there’s still time! I’ll leave you with this for now. More about the My Little Pony Project to come!



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