Read My Lips

Here’s a quick demo on a two toned red lip. I’ll be using Vino lip pencil and Brave Red lipstick from MAC.

  1. Line lips with pencil to create a sharp, defined lip.
  2. Use the side of the pencil to shade in the outer corners of lips, leaving center clean.
  3. Use finger or small lip brush to blend the line between the liner and the center of the lip.
  4. Apply lipstick to center of lip first and drag to outer corners (if you apply lipstick from corner to center, you will drag the dark liner to the center and screw up all your hard work). Center of lips should be brighter than the outsides and should smoothly blend from light to dark.

Having the darker shade on the outside gives the lip dimension and makes the bottom lip a bit more pouty. Experiment with different pencils and lipsticks, you never know what you’ll get!



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