Weekend Adventures

This past weekend was the New England Metal and Hardcore Fest. It’s a 3 day show in Worcester, MA and I was able to take time off work to go to at least one day! It was hard to pick which day but I finally decided Sunday would be THE day. Killswitch Engage has their old singer back, Everytime I Die was playing, and Stick to Your Guns is an old favorite of mine… so my mind was made up!

Normally for any type of event, my makeup for the night is my biggest concern… lipstick, lashes, the whole nine. For a show, not so much. It gets too hot, and you get shoved around a bit. Plus carrying more than your ID and cash gets too bulky (no lipstick touch ups). So I had to skip the lashes, you’re not real cute when they are hanging off your face, flapping in the wind.

Went with my new favorite tinted lip balm and loads of mascara. Sometimes you just have to be you. And love it!


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