Recent Studies

All makeup lovers: if you meet the requirements to become a MAC Pro Member, just do it. The classes and knowledge they offer are incredible… not to mention the pro discount! These people know what they are doing and their brains are at your finger tips for the picking. Dig in!

Over the weekend MAC offered a class, lead by Louie Zakarian and Josh Turi, makeup artists for SNL! You can bet your toosh I was there, I love character makeup!

Now, normally a class is held in a MAC store before or after regular business hours. This time the class was in a swanky studio in LA, heeeeey! I walked into a stark white studio to be greeted by 2 black clothed male models holding trays of champagne and water, GLASSES of water not plastic bottles, so fancy. MAC artists handed you a cute little notepad to take cute little notes and a pen.

Lou and Josh did a demo of 2 SNL characters, Junice and Biden, on a couple models. Good sports too!















They worked together so fluidly and effortlessly, busting a bald cap out in less than 6 min. And they were regular guys! They didn’t look like 2 hoity toity makeup artists. They were your average person that didn’t look like they knew a thing about makeup. They know SO much and offered some very helpful tips. Reminded me that I can do anything I want, it doesn’t matter what I look like, or where I’m from, or how much money I make (or don’t make for that matter). Lou got to talking about his start with makeup at the very end of the class. He was 12 or 13 and he had a doll that came with fake little attachable scars and wounds. He’d put the scars on his face and make himself a monster. He continued to make himself into different creatures and his passion for creating lead him to eventually do makeup on SNL… for 17 years. Incredible! I tell myself this as much as I tell everyone else, don’t give up. FTW!


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