Beyond Wonderland

Beyond Wonderland was this past weekend. My cousin is pretty big into raves and dancing and being young and having fun. I typically help her with hair and makeup. We’ve done so many different looks and they keep evolving. Last time we did Snow White and her costume was super cute. (Snow White photos by Kersti Kooiman)This time was the biggest we have ever went and I was so excited to see it come together! Her theme was a Fairy Godmother… but with LOTS of glitter and cheetah print (it’s been her signature since she was very little)!

She got a long line bra and I bedazzled the hell out of it!I found some gold foil lashes to add some drama drama drama. We airbrushed some stars on her arm, neck and chest to add some whimsy.Miss Hair Madness helped with that awesome wig! (Behind the scenes photo by Kersti Kooiman)Before the reveal, here is a close up of the top… it ended up looking like a Sailor Moon costume. Freudian Slip?TA-DA!




  1. Alysha

    Did she make those snow white sleeves? I’m wanting to dress up as snow white for this next Beyond Wonderland coming up and I’m in love with this entire outfit! I’d love to know how or where she got the sleeves?

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