May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor

I posted this real quick on my FB yesterday… now I have time to share it here! I had the chance to go to the Hunger Games premiere on Monday with some co workers. I’d never been to a premiere before so I was a tad bit excited. That means I had to get one of the Capitol Colours nail polishes. I was torn between Riveting and Luxe & Lush.

I ended up wearing Riveting! Of course now I wanted an orange lipstick, so I went with Korean Candy and Entertain Me from MAC. It was awesome to see the book come to life. Wardrobe and hair/makeup were beautiful! The Capitol kind of reminded me of The Fifth Element in pop colors (a movie I love. Can I be Milla Jovovich?). But the highlight of my night was spotting Sylvester Stallone! I lost it. The Rocky movies are some of my favorites… you can learn some very valuable lessons from those movies. See my shirt today?

When we got our tickets we were also given this cool holographic mini movie poster. Right on, a souvenir, sike! It was an invite to the after party. Now, Tracy and I had been joking about sneaking in to the after party and having to flash someone to do so (I would never do this nor do I condone that kind of behavior. It was a completely immature, inappropriate joke and you have my apologies. NOT!) Tracy and I started laughing because we made it in while keeping morally sound!  See? Good guys don’t always finish last!

Last picture then you can be on your merry way. This is the centerpiece of the after party. Everything was gold and earthy. Donald Sutherland was there too!! Oh yea, Tracy made her dress (give me a break). Take a better look at it here.     -B



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