Get Ready For Love

A few Valentine inspired lip shades for the upcoming love fest. D’Lilac from Lime Crime, Ravishing and Brave Red from MAC, and Spellbound from Cover Girl.

Here are a few tips I picked up along the way to help with lining your lips, MUAH!

  1. Line lip in quarters. I start from the top center and down one side.
  2. Repeat  on the other side.
  3. Start from the center bottom and work way up to corner. Repeat on other side.
  4. Don’t forget to fill inside corners where lips meet!
  5. I like to fill in my lip with pencil (especially for red) to make the color more vibrant and wear longer.
  6. Now for the best trick! Your foundation!
  7. Take a tiny amount of foundation with a lip brush and run it along the liner at the edge of your lip. This will create a clean line. Blend foundation so it doesn’t stand out. NOTE: I am showing way too much foundation in the image. I just wanted you to see what I was doing!
  8. Repeat around top and bottom. Set with a tiny bit of powder to prevent any bleeding.
  9. Finish with lipstick

And last but not least, hair inspiration from Hair Madness!

Photos by Kersti Kooiman Photography

Hair by Hair Madness by Laura

and you know who did the makeup.




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