Name and Occupation

A quick (or semi quick) review of makeup brushes I use! I’m no expert, I just know what I know. Hopefully it sheds some light on what does what and how it does it. Confused? Perfect, Keep reading my friend.

Natural vs Synthetic Brushes

Natural bristle- porous, soft fibers- grabs a lot of product- mainly used for dry product such as powders. If you put a natural bristle brush in a liquid, it will become over saturated… think of a paint brush dipped in paint. Not a good use of product! Don’t be wasteful.

Synthetic bristle- not porous, slick fibers- does not hold on to product- mainly used for liquid, cream products that can just glide off the synthetic bristles. If you’ve ever made the mistake of buying fake brushes, you have probably already experienced this, but trying to apply/blend shadow with a synthetic brush is almost impossible (and kind of hurts with those rough little hairs).


A lot of times you can decide what a brush is used for based on its size. Small brushes are the right size to get into small areas of the face (eyes, under eyes, lips). Large brushes can cover a greater amount of space much faster than a smaller brush (face, cheeks). Good luck trying to cover your entire face in foundation with a lipstick brush!

The Run Down

These are the brushes I use on the daily.

  1. Powder Brush- large natural brush for applying powders over a large surface (setting powder).
  2. Blush Brush- medium natural brush for applying powders in a more concentrated way (blush, bronzer).
  3. Angled blush brush- angled natural brush for more precise, controlled powder application- contouring (bronzers just under cheekbones and highlighters right above cheekbones )
  4. Duo Fiber brush- brush with both synthetic and natural fibers that can be used wet or dry! Crazy! In a good way. Apply foundation with it and switch over to powder to set it. Done and done.
  5. Pencil Brush- small natural fiber brush for detailed application- think of it as a… well, pencil. You can get into small areas around the eye for specific detailing (smudge liner and make it smokey, add shadow to bottom lash line or highlight to the brow bone).
  6. Short haired paddle brush- The short packed natural  bristles pick up a ton of shadow and can intensify application. They come in a multitude of sizes. I like to use a large brush to pack the eyelid with color or a small one to add a highlight to the brow bone.
  7. Liner brush- tiny synthetic brush for creating thin lines with liquid/cream based products (eyeliner).
  8. Angled brush- tiny brush (comes in natural and synthetic fibers) for creating thin lines. I like to use this one for eyeliner and filling in brows.
  9. Lip brush- small synthetic brush for applying lipstick and glosses.
  10. Fluffy and Pointed fluffy shadow brush- both soft fluffy natural brushes are used for blending eye shadows. Great for adding a color to the crease and blending any harsh lines. The pointed brush can deposit a more controlled amount of shadow since it is slightly smaller (think adding a dark shadow to the crease).
  11. Concealer brush- small synthetic brush for applying liquid/cream based concealers. I also like to use this one to apply eye shadow primer.
  12. Foundation brush- large synthetic brush for applying liquid/cream based foundations.

I use MAC and Royal & Langnickel SILK brushes. Class dismissed!



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